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How to Unlock SQL Server Database without User Password

How SA password important for SQL Server! When you don't have SA password and are eager to connect to SQL Server database to do what you want, you will feel it especially while Windows Authentication doesn't work at the same time. How could SQL users unlock SQL Server database without password?

This situation seems that how to unlock Windows computer after Windows admin password forgot. But forgotten Windows password can be easily reset or remove with Windows Password Genius. So unlock Windows 7/8/10 will is not problematic. Whether there is such a similar tool that can reset SA password and let's unlock SQL database?

Fortunately, SQL Password Genius just plays the same role. And you would find SA password reset and SQL database unlock becomes easier than Windows password reset.

Steps to unlock SQL Server database with SQL Password Genius

1. Get SQL Password Genius on your computer.

Had better install SQL Password Genius full version, otherwise, you could not reset SQL Server database user password, but just only all the database users listed for you.

Tips: SQL Server services have to be stopped before you run SQL Password Genius to reset user password for locked SQL Server database.

2. Browse SQL database file in computer to open it in SQL Password Genius.

Click Open File button on SQL Password Genius, and look for master.mdf file in computer. Until find it, click Open button to import it into software. If successfully, you could see it and all of users in list.

3. Select user and click "Reset" button.

When above steps have been done smoothly, select the user in list and click Reset button. Generally, we choose "sa" account, because it is usually used to login into SQL Server and when we choose SQL Server Authentication mode. Type a new password in pop-up dialog for selected user account.

A message would prompt you SQL user password has been reset successfully.

4. Exit SQL Password Genius and unlock SQL Server database.

Close SQL Password Genius and open SQL Server Configuration Manager to restart SQL Server services. Only in this way, could you login locked SQL Server database successfully after SQL password reset.


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