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Windows 10 Forgot Admin Password No Reset Disk | How to Get in

How to get in windows 10 if forgot administrator password and no password reset disk is available? Now three effective methods would be told and show how to do in this article.

  1. Method 1: Sign in with other options available on login screen
  2. Method 2: Remove or reset Windows 10 administrator password
  3. Method 3: Get in with new administrator created in Windows 10

Method 1: Sign in with other options available on login screen

It would be smart to check firstly whether there are still available login accounts or sign-in options on login screen, such as PIN, picture password or Microsoft account. While PIN code or picture password has been created for the password-forgotten administrator, or Microsoft account has been added to Windows 10, just select one of them and you can sign in Windows 10 successfully, which will save you lots of time.

1. Sign in with PIN code or picture password.

After Windows 10 admin password forgot, click PIN code or picture password icon under password input box. Then you can enter four-digit code or draw three gestures to access Windows 10 with administrator.

access windows 10 with other sign-in options

2. Get in Windows 10 with Microsoft account.

From the left-bottom side on login screen, find and select Microsoft account in user list. Then enter its password you know to get into Windows 10 computer.

log into windows 10 with microsoft account

Note: If Microsoft account password is also forgotten, reset it on Microsoft service page or with Windows Password Genius Advanced.

Method 2: Remove or reset Windows 10 administrator password

Forgot Windows 10 admin password and no reset disk? It seems that you have lost the best chance to reset Windows 10 forgotten password. But don’t be disappointed. Once you try this method, you would find resetting Windows 10 administrator password without disk is not so hard as you imagine.

Option 1: Reset Windows 10 administrator password with iSunshare password tool

Step 1: Make a Windows 10 password reset disk on another computer

With iSunshare Windows Password Genius in hand, windows password reset disk can be easily created for Windows 10 admin password reset or remove at any time on another computer. Then you can get the disk to reset Windows 10 administrator password successfully, which also supports Microsoft account password reset.

Step 2: Reset Windows 10 administrator forgotten password with new-created disk

1. Insert the newly password reset disk into Windows 10 and set computer boot from it.

Usually password reset disk is burned into writable USB flash drive or CD/DVD-ROM, so you need to set computer boot from USB or CD to run iSunshare password tool.

reset windows 10 administrator password with isunshare tool

2. Select the administrator that forgot password and click on Reset Password button.

3. Click Yes and make sure successfully removing forgotten administrator password.

4. Click Reboot button and eject reset disk instantly to restart and get in windows 10 normally with administrator.

restart windows 10 with administrator after password reset

Option 2: Reset Windows 10 administrator password with command prompt

This option would guide you to start locked Windows 10 from installation media and reset administrator password with command prompt.

The whole process is similar to reset Windows 7 admin password with command on login screen. Only difference is how to run command prompt on windows 10 login screen.

1. Boot Windows 10 from installation media.

2. Change the location of command prompt and utility manager.

3. Reboot Windows 10 without installation media and go to login screen.

4. Click Utility Manager on right-bottom side and Command Prompt runs instead.

5. Reset or remove Windows 10 administrator password with net user command now.

net user username newpassword

reset windows 10 administrator password using command prompt

At last, it is necessary to restore the original location of command prompt and utility manager. Similarly, reboot Windows 10 from installation media and execute command to do that.

About more details, you can follow article reset Windows 10 local admin password using command prompt.

Method 3: Get in Windows 10 with new administrator

Besides resetting Windows 10 administrator password, new administrator also could help you to log into Windows 10 after password forgot. So which is the best way for you to create new admin account when cannot sign in Windows 10?

Just get the password reset disk and installation disc ever used in method 2, you will find new administrator can be easily created at the same time while you reset Windows 10 forgotten administrator password.

create new admin account to get in windows 10


iSunshare Windows Password Genius and installation media have provided you two ways to get in locked Windows 10 computer after administrator password forgot. But which one is better for you? Please take a look at your situation and what you can pay for solving this problem, time or money.

1. You can get iSunshare Windows Password Genius directly from website in seconds and burn it into bootable USB drive with one click, while you need to download and burn the Windows system file into bootable CD to get windows 10 installation media in several minutes even hours.

2. You can run Windows Password Genius on locked computer by booting locked computer from USB drive with hot key, while you have to change Windows 10 system file on locked computer with several commands in order to run Command Prompt successfully on locked computer.

3. You can easily reset Windows 10 forgotten password or create new administrator account with one click on iSunshare tool, while you need to enter command manually to do that with installation media.


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