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Windows 10 Shortcuts

Cannot open the Charms Menu on Windows 10 computer by moving the mouse pointer to the upper-right or lower-right corner? This article introduces the shortcut to open the menu and other commonly-used Windows 10 shortcuts for your reference.

Windows 10 shortcuts:

Windows+C: Open Charms Menu.

Windows+E: Open File Explorer.

Windows+F: Open the search box.

Windows+I: Open Settings panel.

Windows+L: Lock the computer.

Windows+R: Open Run.

Windows+U: Turn on Ease of Access Center.

Windows+X: Open Quick Access Menu.

Windows+Up/Down/Left/Right Arrow: Change the size and place of an opened window on the desktop.

Windows+Ctrl+D: Create virtual desktop.

Windows+Ctrl+F4: Close virtual desktop.

Windows+Ctrl+Left/Right Arrow: Switch virtual desktops.

Windows+Volume Up (or Plus key): Start Magnifier.

Windows+Esc: Turn off Magnifier.

Windows+Enter: Open Narrator.

Alt+Enter: Open the properties window of the selected item.

Alt+F4: Display Shut Down Windows.

Alt+Tab: Switch the running programs.

Ctrl+A: Choose all.

Ctrl+C: Copy the selected.

Ctrl+V: Paste the selected. (Note: The shortcut has been applied in Command Prompt.)

Ctrl+X: Cut the chosen.

Ctrl+Z: Cancel the previous step.

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