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How to Make Partitions in Windows 10

Usually we will make partitions when installing a system, but sometimes it still have some unallocated space on hard disk, so after the installation of Windows 10, we can still make partitions on hard disk so that we can use the unallocated space efficiently. And Windows 10 offers a built-in feature called Disk-Management. Here are the steps to demonstrate how to create partitions in Windows 10.

Steps to Make Partitions in Windows 10

Step 1: Sign in your Windows 10 with an administrator privilege.

Step 2: Then click the File Explorer icon from the taskbar.

open file explorer

Step 3: In the left side of File Explorer window, find and right-click This PC.

find this pc option

Step 4: In the context menu, click Manage.

click Manage icon

Step 5: Click Disk Management from the Storage category in the left panel of this Computer Management window.

find disk management

Step 6: In the middle panel, find and right-click the unallocated space of the hard disk in which you want to make partitions. In the context menu, click New Simple Volume.

open new simple volume

Attentions: If you have assigned the entirety of the hard disk’s space to the C when installing Windows 10, there will be no unallocated space left in the hard disk. But if you still want to create a new partition, you would better shrink the C: right-clicking it, selecting the Shrink Volume option, so that you can free up some space and get the unallocated space.

Step 7: On the New Simple Volume Wizard window, click Next.

welcome of new volume

Step 8: On the Specify Volume Size window, specify the amount of space you want to assign to this new partition and click Next to continue.

specify volume size

Step 9: On the Assign Drive Letter or Path window, leave everything as it is for simplicity, and click Next.

assign driver letter

Step 10: On the Format Partition window, choose the settings of your preference, and click Next.

Attentions: If you are unsure what to choose, leave the default settings intact.

format partition

Step 11: On the Completing the New Simple Volume Wizard window, click Finish to create a new partition in the hard disk.

finish new simple volume

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