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How to Set Windows 7 Password

When all of peole are trying best to find ways to reset or recover Windows 7 password, now we just want to talk about how Windows 7 password is created, in order to learn more about windows 7 password. And probably you would find other ways that can reset Windows 7 password you never know.

Part 1: Outlines of Windows 7 Password

Windows 7 password generally includes system startup password, power-on password/user password and BIOS password.

1. System startup password

It is the password you need to input when starting computer, hard to crack.

Note: How to Set Startup Password in Windows 8/8.1

2. Power-on password/User password

It is used to enter Windows operational system. We can easily create several user accounts with different privileges and user password to login Windows. So it is used widely and user password reset methods can be found easier than other kinds of password. Two simple methods for user password recovery are offered by Windows system, password reset disk and user account with admin privileges.

Password setting method: take Windows 7 Ultimate as example
Control Panel --> User Accounts and Family Safety --> User Accounts --> Add or remove user accounts --> Create a new account --> choose account type (Standard user or Administrator) and input an account name --> Create Account

Note: 3 ways to create password for user account in windows 10

create windows 7 user account and password

In Windows laptop, besides common user password, there is still supervisor password used to access Windows system. But the privileges of supervisor password is higher than common user password. Generally, what we use to sign into Windows is common user password. Supervisor password could be set in BIOS.

set windows 7 supervisor password

3. BIOS password

The kind of password is not so safe. If you want to delete password, just removing the battery of the main board. But there is except, for example, HP Elitebook bios password reset.

Password setting method:
(1) Click "DEL" or "F2" to enter BIOS when computer begins to start up.
(2) Find out "Advanced BIOS Features - security option", change "setup" to "system", click "F10" to save and exit.
(3) Get back to "Set user password", Enter - input your password - Enter - F10.

Note: How to Set BIOS Password on Windows 8

Part 2: Three types of users in Windows 7

When we set power-on password/user password, we should know what type the user account is, because Windows 7 has basically three user accounts types, Administrator, Standard user and Guest.

1. Administrator

Administrators have complete access to the computer and can make any desired changes. Based on notification settings, administrators may be asked to provide their password or confirmation before making changes that affect other users.

2. Standard user

Standard user accounts can use most software and change system settings that do not affect other users or the security of the computer.

At most of time, we run the computer with Standard user. The reasons are the followings. The standard account can help protect your computer by preventing users from making changes that affect everyone who uses the computer, such as deleting files that are required for the computer to work. We recommend creating a standard account for each user.

When you are logged on to Windows with a standard account, you can do almost anything that you can do with an administrator account, but if you want to do something that affects other users of the computer, such as installing software or changing security settings, Windows might ask you to provide a password for an administrator account.

3. Guest

Use computer limitedly and temporarily. It allows users to login to web, browse Internet and shut down the computer. Therefore, we should make it forbidden when we don't use it in purpose of security.

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