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How to Set BIOS Password on Windows 8

To protect your computer data, you may first think about creating an administrator password. In fact, apart from this choice, you can set a BIOS password to your computer. A BIOS password is like the first protection layer of the computer and requires the user to access the Basic Input/ Output System before the computer boots up. As for how to set it, this article will illustrate how to set BIOS password on Windows 8 in detail.

Video guide on how to set BIOS password on Windows 8:

Steps to set BIOS password on Windows 8 computer:

Step 1: Enter PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility interface.

As soon as you power on the Windows 8 computer, continuously press the BIOS key of the computer (F2/Delete/Esc/F1/F8/F9/F10/F11/F12…) to enter BIOS Setup Utility interface, as the following screen shot shows.

Note: For various brands of computers, the BIOS key may be different. For example, the BIOS key of Lenovo computer is F2, while that of HP computer is F10.

Step 2: Select Security and set Supervisor Password.

Supervisor password controls the access to the setup utility. And if you do not set it first, you are unable to set user password in BIOS. As for how to set supervisor password, you can read the following procedures.

1. Use right arrow key to choose Security and press Enter to set supervisor password.

2. Enter a password and press Enter to go to the following box. Reenter the password and hit Enter to move on. Please refer to the picture below.

3. Click Enter to continue after the changes have been saved.

Step 3: Set User Password.

As you can see from the photo below, the Enter option behind Set User Password has changed from grey state to editable state. So you can set user password according to the processes below.

1. Use up arrow key to select Enter behind Set User Password and press Enter.

2. Type a password in the first box and press Enter. Then retype the password in the second box and tap Enter.

3. Click Enter to continue.

Step 4: Save the changes and exit.

Click F10 on the keyboard and press Enter to save the configuration changes and exit, as it is shown in the following picture.

Since you have known how to set BIOS password on Windows 8, why not try to set a BIOS password to your computer by following the steps above?

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