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Locked Out of Samsung Tablet Forgot Password

samsung ative tablet

Samsung Tablet, such as popular Samsung ATIV Smart PC is taken with tablet simple operation and ease access interface. You can install your favorite programs or apps on tablet just like on desktop or laptop. So most computer users can work on it. Many data and files are saved in tablet. In purpose of tablet security, set password for tablet logon is necessary. Naturally, when you forgot password and are locked out of Samsung tablet, reset samsung tablet password is inevitable.

Following passage will introduce two methods for samsung tablet password reset, optional method and effective method.

Method 1: Reset Samsung Tablet to Factory Default Settings

  1. Move the mouse to the top-right of the window, choose Setting and you will find "Change PC Settings" on the lower-right of the window.
  2. Click it to enter PC setting surface, choose "General" and option "Refresh your PC without afecting files" for you.
  3. Press "Get started" to begin refreshing.

Samsung tablet factory reset

Sometimes if you want to keep your personal files like documents, photos, videos and other data as it is, and you want to restore your windows files only, use this option to refresh windows 8 to its original installation. This is also helpful if your machine becomes slow. But make sure to back up your data just in advance.

Tips: Therefore, it is an optional method. You had better use it when you don't have other methods, or you just have installed Windows system. But it is undeniable that refresh your PC or restore Windows to factory settings could help to remove Windows password.

Method 2: Reset Samsung Login Password with Password Recovery Tool

As we can know, there have been so many Windows password recovery tools designed for resetting forgotten Windows password, no matter which kind of operational system your tablet or laptop installed with. However, even though free utilities are available, there are still a lot of restrictions, such as password length, Windows system, password recovery way. So here, I recommend a universal password recovery tool for Windows password reset Windows Password Genius.

Advantages: Reset all kinds of password for all of Windows operational systems, such as Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and Windows server 2000/2003/2008/2012(R2)/2016.

Step 1: Install Windows Password Genius Advanced on an accessible computer.

Download Windows Password Genius Advanced from iSunshare website. Find an available computer, and install password recovery tool on it.

Step 2: Create a Password Reset Disk with password recovery tool.

1. Prepare bootable USB device for password reset disk.
There is not CD drive on Samsung ATIV Smart PC. So we have to create password reset disk with USB only.

2. Insert USB flash drive into computer and create password reset disk.
Choose USB as the burning media, click "Begin burning" to burn a reset disk. Until the message "Burning Successfully" pops up, it means password reset disk creation has finished.

create password reset disk with usb

burn reset disk

Step 3: Boot Samsung ATIV Smart PC from Reset Disk.

  1. Start Samsung ATIV Smart PC and hold on F2 key to enter BIOS setting screen.
  2. Close fast boot function in the Advanced option. Press F10 to save and exit.
  3. Plug bootable USB reset disk into Samsung tablet, restart it and keep on F10 key to enter quick boot setting. Choose boot from USB device.

Step 4: Reset Samsung Tablet Password with Reset Disk.

If Samsung tablet boots from USB successfully, you will find it start with WinPE system and Windows password recovery program automatically runs following the WinPE system.

All the accounts list in the program, choose account you want to reset its password, and click "Reset Password".
When the account's password is removed successfully, click Reboot to restart Samsung tablet and login Windows 8 again without password.


Tips: This is an effective method. Regardless of forgetting or losing Windows password, it will help you to remove or reset Windows password easily.

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