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Reset Windows 8 Login Password (PC and Tablet)

It’s no doubt that Windows 7 is still the mainstream of Windows operating systems now, which covers the most Windows users. But the newest Windows system, Windows 8 is attracting attention of more and more people. Believe that there is no problem to have a try to use it for most people. But how to use it well for our life and work, and how to solve the usual Windows password problem become the main problems and topics.

As we all know, Windows 8 operating system includes four versions, Windows RT, Windows 8 Standard, Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 Enterprise. Besides Windows RT built for Tablet, other three versions can be used on PC. It is the special point for Windows 8. Therefore, on the problem how to reset Windows 8 password, it has to be talked about separately for Windows 8 Standard/Pro/Enterprise PC and Windows RT tablet.

reset windows 8 pc and tablet password

For Microsoft Tablet Surface with Windows RT :

  1. If you use a Microsoft account (email and password) to sign into your Surface, you can reset Microsoft account password online or offline.
  2. Have someone with an administrator account on your Surface sign in and change your password for you.
    (If you have an administrator account and remember the administrator password, you can do this yourself. The account created during Windows setup is an administrator account.)
  3. If you use a local account, use your password hint as a reminder.

For PC with Windows 8 Standard/Pro/Enterprise:

  1. If you use a local account, use your password hint as a reminder.
  2. If you remember administrator password, use it to sign in and change another account password.
  3. If you have created a password reset disk, make use of it to reset all accounts’ password.

Detailed introductions about these three common Windows 8 PC password reset ways, show below.

1. Take Password Hint as a Reminder.

When you are trying to login into Windows 8 PC with wrong password, a password hint you have set would appears under the password input box. If you have set it related to your password safely, believe that it would remind you of forgotten password instantly.

2. Sign in Windows 8 with Administrator Password.

If you remember one administrator password, that would be no problem, even though you have forgotten other administrator or user password, because you could sign in to Windows 8 with it and change another account password with following methods.

Selection 1 of 3: Change account password in Control Panel
Selection 2 of 3: Change user password in Computer Management
Selection 3 of 3: Change user account password with Command

3. Reset All Accounts Password with Reset Disk.

After you type in wrong password on Windows logon screen, click "Reset Password" link and insert password reset disk you have created into Windows 8 PC. Just follow Password Reset Wizard, you will successfully finish password reset for all accounts one by one.

If you still can’t sign in after trying all these methods, please following these:

  1. If PC has installed Windows 8, you need to reinstall Windows or reset forgotten password with third-party password recovery software, such as iSunshare Windows Password Genius Advanced.
    Or if you have set your Windows 8 logon with Microsoft account, you could sign in to Windows 8 with it.
  2. If Tablet Surface has installed Windows RT, you have to contact Tablet manufacturer.

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