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How to Hide Specified Control Panel Items in Windows 8/8.1

"Hi. I would like to know how to hide some Control Panel items in my Windows 8 computer, because I don't want other friends to change some settings in the Control Panel on my PC. If you know how to do that, please let me know soon. Thanks in advance."

To hide Control Panel items, you can find and enable the setting of "Hide specified Control Panel items" in the Local Group Policy Editor. For your better understanding, this text will illustrate the method in detail.

Video guide on how to hide specified Control Panel items in Windows 8:

Steps to hide specified Control Panel items in Windows 8:

Step 1: Open the Local Group Policy Editor.

Step 2: Locate and open "Hide specified Control Panel items" setting.

BTW, the setting can be found according to User Configuration/Administrative Templates/Control Panel/Hide specified Control Panel items, and you can double-click it to open it.

Step 3: Enable the setting and specify Control Panel items.

Sub-step 1: After accessing the window of Hide specified Control Panel items, select Enabled and tap Show button to move on.

Sub-step 2: In the Show Contents window, enter the canonical names of the Control Panel items which you want to hide, and click OK.

For instance, if you want to hide System, Personalization, User Accounts, Mouse or Tablet PC Settings in the Control Panel, you should input Microsoft.System, Microsoft.Personalization, Microsoft.UserAccounts, Microsoft.Mouse or Microsoft.TabletPCSettings in the list. Further speaking, if an item is composed of more than one words, there should be no space between words.

Step 4: Confirm the changes to the setting.

After returning to the setting window, choose OK.

Step 5: Close Local Group Policy Editor.

Close it with Alt+F4 hotkeys.

After these five steps, when you open the Control Panel, you will find that the specified items are hidden.

Note: From the opposite point of view, you can show only specified Control Panel items. However, please keep in mind that if both the "Hide specified Control Panel items" setting and the "Show only specified Control Panel items" setting are enabled, the latter is ignored.

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