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How to Limit Login Attempts on Windows 8/8.1 Computer

If you have set a password as a screen lock to your phone, you will know that, like pattern or PIN, there is a limitation to the times of password entry. More specifically speaking, if the code is entered wrongly for 5 continuous times, you will be requested to wait for 30 seconds to reenter it. However, have you found that there is no limit to the login attempts on a password-protected computer? In other words, the account will not lock out no matter how many times any invalid password is input, which is a potential danger for the computer. Consequently, it is essential for this article to introduce how to limit login attempts on the computer.

Video guide on how to limit login attempts on Windows 8:

Steps to limit login attempts on Windows 8/8.1 computer:

Step 1: Open Run dialog box.

Right-tap the bottom left corner of the Start screen (or desktop) to open Quick Access Menu, and then select Run in it.

Step 2: Use a command to turn on Local Group Policy Editor.

1. Enter gpedit.msc in the empty box and tap OK.

2. Select Yes in the User Account Control window to open the Editor.

Step 3: Find Account lockout threshold.

FYI, it is the Account lockout threshold that determines the limitation to times of login attempts. And you can find it through the following way.

Computer Configuration/Windows Settings/Security Settings/Account Policies/Account Lockout Policy/Account lockout threshold

Step 4: Open Account lockout threshold Properties window.

Right-click Account lockout threshold and select Properties in the list. Or you can double-tap it to directly open the window.

Step 5: Change the value to a number between 0 and 999 in the properties window.

FYR, the original value (or lower limit value) of Account lockout threshold is 0 by default and the upper one is 999. So you are required to modify it to a number between them. For example, if you want the account to lock out after five invalid logon attempts, you can input 5 and then click OK.

Step 6: Confirm the suggested value changes.

As the Suggested Value Changes window emerges, tap OK to agree the changes.

In a conclusion, if you think limiting logon attempts can greatly enhance the safety of your computer data, you can follow the above steps and go ahead to set the account logon threshold in your Windows 8/8.1 PC.


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