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How to Add Start Menu to Windows 8 Computer

Although there is Start Menu on Windows 8/8.1 computer, many users are not accustomed to it and want to add Start Menu to the taskbar of desktop. As a result, this article will introduce how to add Start Menu to Windows 8 computer as detailed as possible.

Video guide on how to add Start Menu to Windows 8 computer:

Steps to add Start Menu to Windows 8 computer:

Step 1: Open Computer (or My Computer) with the composite key of WIN key+E and double click C disk in it.

Step 2: In Local Disk (C:) window, select View in the menu bar, click Show/hide and check the box before Hidden items.

Step 3: Right-click the taskbar on the bottom of desktop, tap Toolbars in the context menu and choose New toolbar, as the following screen shot shows.

Step 4: Find Start Menu folder in the New Toolbar window.

As the New Toolbar window turns up, you can locate Start Menu folder according to the process below.

Computer→Local Disk (C:)→ProgramData→Microsoft→Windows→Start Menu

Step 5: Click Start Menu and choose Select Folder, as exhibited in the picture below.

After gradually finishing the above steps, you can find Start Menu in the taskbar of Windows 8 desktop. Please look at the screen shot below.

Furthermore, with this Start Menu, you are able to find PC settings, Task Manager and other tools and programs easily and efficiently.

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