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How to Unlock a Laptop When Forgot Password

I had been locked out of my HP laptop because of admin password forgot. So I tried to think sincerely whether I have another available account with admin privileges. But I still couldn't get one at last, what do I do to unlock my HP laptop after forgot password?

OK! What about listening to me talking about some methods there would be first? And then I would introduce one or more effective methods in details. Believe you can make a wise choice according to detailed introductions.

  1. Unlock laptop with Windows installation CD
  2. Unlock laptop with password reset disk
  3. Restore laptop to factory settings
  4. Restore laptop to early backup point
  5. Third-party software unlocks laptop

1. Unlock laptop with Windows installation CD

reinstall windows operational system

Maybe it would be the first method we could think of if we are computer beginners. But this method is a little dangerous, because if you reset laptop password with Windows installation CD, all the data ever created on your laptop would be lost. You had better use it when without any other methods but it. Actually, it is not. So it is one of options for Windows password reset.

2. Unlock laptop with password reset disk

Password reset disk is an asset. As long as you have created one before laptop locked, you can use it to reset forgotten laptop password. But if you really want to unlock laptop with reset disk and it has not been created, it also can be burned with Windows Password Genius after you locked out of laptop.

Tips: Two Ways to Create a Windows Password Reset Disk

3. Restore laptop to factory mode

restore windows system and files

Certainly, restoring laptop to factory mode helps you to unlock locked laptop, but it would take your laptop back to facotry original settings. So please think about it sincerely before you take this method, unless you want to clear all data you have created on laptop and get a clean Windows system.

You would lose previous data produced from the first time you use laptop. If you just install Windows system for laptop, it is elective. But at most of time, we forgot laptop password after a long-time use.

Tips: Reset Windows 8 tablet to factory mode

4. Restore Windows to early backup point

It is practical, but it requires Windows system and data backup that you created when laptop is not locked. The backup is made including data since when Windows was installed. And then you can restore Windows to backup point after Windows laptop is locked.

5. Third-party software unlocks HP laptop

There are so much free third-party software available, while I recommend you the newest Windows password recovery tool – Windows Password Genius. Why?

For example, the free common software Ophcrack only can be reset Windows password not longer than 12 characters. And just as we know, new tools will probably be more advanced, easier than the old ones. So take the newest Windows password recovery software is a better choice. With progress in function and user experience, more user-friendly interface and perfect function makes reset Windows forgotten password easily. Now let's see how does it do?

Step 1: Windows Password Genius download and installation.

(1) Prepare an accessible computer and blank USB flash drive.
(2) Download Windows Password Genius on the computer and install it following wizard.

Step 2: Password Reset Disk Creation.

(1) Run the software and plug USB drive into available computer.
(2) Make sure you choose the right USB device from the drop-down box.
(3) Click Begin burning and wait for reset disk burning completely and successfully.

burn a password reset disk

Step 3: Unlock laptop with password reset disk.

(1) Plug USB device into locked HP laptop
(2) Press F10 to enter BIOS when power on HP laptop, choose System Configuration >> Boot Option >> Press Enter >> Multiboot, change Disable to Enable.
(3) Modify the USB device as the first boot option, save the changes and exit.
(4) HP laptop boots from USB drive with password reset disk, and starts in WinPE system. Windows password recovery program runs automatically.
(5) Select the account to Reset Password and Reboot HP laptop.


Besides the above ones, there also are other methods. For example, ask for help from computer vendor or take your laptop to computer repair shop for repairment. How to choose and choose which one have to be based on detailed specific circumstance your laptop is facing.

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