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How to Keep My Android Phone Safe

Is your phone safe? With the popularity of Android smartphones, phone security issue has been attracting more and more attentions. Do you know how to keep Android phone safe? Here I will teach you some valuable tips.

Eight tips to keep your Android phone safe:

  1. Tip 1: Download apps from trusted sources
  2. When you download Android application, please choose the official website or the Android Market which can guarantee security of software. Keep away from the informal stores in which software has not been audited and many virus programs are disguised as normal applications to mislead users to install them.

  1. Tip 2: Use up-to-date anti-virus software
  2. Security software can to some extent protect our phone from being compromised. Use the anti-virus software to regularly sweep the phone apps, timely repair phone vulnerabilities, and constantly detect software installation, all of which can help you keep your phone safe.

  1. Tip 3: Connect to your own network rather than the public Wi-Fi hotspot
  2. public Wi-Fi

    Using public Wi-Fi networks in public places can put your phone at risk. Criminals can steal your sensitive information through the public Wi-Fi connected to your phone. It would be wise to use a VPN connection through which your device IP will be not directly connected to the network but connected to the terminal server first. It means that devices in the same public network can’t get your real information, which is useful to protect your phone from network intrusion.

  1. Tip 4: Turn off the phone's auto-location function
  2. Today many friends like to share their location on the social networks, easily causing personal information disclosure. Therefore, the positioning function should be used as little as possible or shut down.

    You can turn off the positioning function through the following settings: tap Settings and find the Location services then turn it off.

    turn off location services

  1. Tip 5: Remove software that is no longer in use
  2. Sometimes we download apps for a try and then “store” them for months without using them. Does anyone know what else they can cause besides taking up memory and consuming electric energy? They may secretly send your data to others without your knowledge. Are you sure you really want this? So remove or disable the apps you have not used for more than three months from now on.

  3. Tip 6: Set a screen lock
  4. Abandon the graphics keys or face recognition mode which can be easily cracked by one of your photos. Instead, you can use the sophisticated password protection on condition that you have a strong and reliable password.

    Operations are as follows: Settings -> Security -> Screen security -> Screen look. Then you can select the Password type.

    set a screen lock

  5. Tip 7: Encrypt your device
  6. If possible, use the built-in security program or the third party app to encrypt the phone. The latest software has been able to encrypt data, including system applications. Don’t forget to set up remote control so that you can erase all the data on the other device once your phone is lost or stolen.

  7. Tip 8: Use a fixed bank card for online shopping and payment
  8. When online payment makes our life convenient and it also brings a series of security problems. Remember to never use your main bank account for online transactions. Maintaining a fixed online banking card means that even if you are robbed of property by cyber criminals, your economic loss will be relatively low.

Eight ways to protect your Android phone, have you got it?


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