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How to Turn Huawei Phone Finder on or off

Phone Finder is one of Cloud services provided by Huawei phone. It is like “Find My Phone” in iPhone, which can find your your lost Huawei phone, backup and delete data on phone, lock phone, and send message to phone remotely. So powerful it is. Why not turn it on now to make full use of it?

Guide to turn Phone Finder on or off on Huawei phone

1. Open Settings and turn to All tap.

2. Scroll to Accounts and choose Huawei Cloud+.

3. In Huawei Cloud+, you would see the cloud services, Phone Finder. Just choose it to turn on if it is off.

open Phone Finder option on Huawei phone

Tips: If you have not turned it on, it would be off all the time.

4. Turn on Phone Finder by sliding the control key next to it.

Once Huawei Phone Finder is available, it would enable you to locate your phone, remotely lock your phone, and remotely remove data from your phone.

5. Agree Privacy and Permissions, and turn Phone Finder on your Huawei phone.

turn on Phone Finder on Huawei phone

Then you could use Huawei Cloud+ to backup and restore data or do other things.

How can you know whether Phone Finder can work normally after turned on in your phone?

1. After your Huawei Phone Finder is turned on, sign in Huawei Cloud+ with Huawei account on computer.

2. If your Huawei Phone is successfully connected when phone is power-on, it means that Phone Finder has been working now.

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