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How to Add Micro SD Card to Android Phone to Speed Up Performance

If your android phone prompts you that it does’t have enough space for storing. You can add a micro SD card to your android phone to extend storage and speed up android phone performance.

Most of the android phones have a micro SD card slot for storage extension. Just follow the steps below to add a micro SD card to your phone.

1. Close your phone, and take apart the back cover of your android phone, you will see a micro SD card slot on your phone.

2. Insert micro SD card to slot by the prompt beside micro SD card slot.

add micro SD card to android phone

add micro SD card to android phone

3. Start your phone. Setting -> Storage -> SD card, to see whether the micro SD card has been installed successfully.

sd card information

sd card information

4. Close the back cover, and you can use the phone with more storage than before.


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