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How to Install SQL Server 2012 in Windows 7/8 Virtual Machine


1. Windows system: Windows 7/8

2. Hardware and software requirements: .NET Framework 3.5, Windows PowerShell, Network Software, Internet Software, Hard Disk, Drive, Monitor, Internet.

3. Processor, Memory, and Operational System Requirements:

4. SQL Server Installation file.

To avoid the interruption during SQL Server Setup, they are necessary to be prepared before SQL Server 2012 installation.

Steps to Install SQL Server 2012 in Windows 7/8 or Windows Server 2012 VM

The following SQL Server 2012 installation steps are done in Windows 7 virtual machine with SQL Server 2012 Express.

Step 1: Extract SQL Server 2012 Express installation file.

extract SQL Server 2012 installation file

Step 2: Double click SQL Server 2012 EXE file after extraction and enter SQL Server Installation Center.

Step 3: In “Installation” of the left menu, choose first option in the right pane to install new SQL Server or add features to an existing installation.

choose to install new SQL Server 2012

Step 4: Accept the SQL Server 2012 Setup license terms in pop-up window.

accept SQL Server 2012 Setup license terms

Step 5: Install SQL Server 2012 Setup files.

install SQL Server 2012 Setup file

Step 6: Select features you want to install in the Feature box.

select SQL Server features to install

Step 7: Specify SQL Server 2012 instance name and ID.

specify SQL Server 2012 instance name

Step 8: Configure server, making Service Accounts Automatic or available.

configure SQL Server service account

In the right side of Service Accounts, you can set its “Startup Types” as Automatic.

Step 9: Specify SQL Server Database Engine authentication mode, administrators and data directories.

specify SQL Database Engine authentication mode

Now you can choose database engine authentication mode. If you choose Mixed Mode, you have to specify the password for the SQL Server system administrator (SA) account. Or you can specify SQL Server administrators. Click Next.

Step 10: Check “Error Reporting“.

set SQL Server 2012 error reporting

Step 11: SQL Server 2012 begins to install.

begin to install SQL Server 2012 features

When it completes, you can see all the information about the Setup operation. You can see which feature chosen has been installed successfully.

successfully install SQL Server 2012 on virtual machine

Click Close button to finish SQL Server 2012 Express installation in Windows 7 VM.

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