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How to save camera photos to SD card android default

This guide tells you how to make a setting on your android phone to save camera photos to SD card on android phone automatically.

When the internal storage is full, the camera app will save new photos to SD card automatically. However, if the internal storage isn’t full, and you find camera app don’t save photos to SD card automatically, you can follow the guide below to make a setting to achieve that.

Setting for saving camera photos to SD card android default

1.  Camera -> Menu -> Setting -> prefect storage location -> select and set SD card as prefect storage camera photo to sd card

If your phone is Samsung phone, you can set it by this way: Camera -> Menu -> Setting -> Storage -> select and set SD card as default storage.

Tips: Beside saving camera photo to SD card default, if you want to save other apps or data to SD card storage default, please see how to set SD card as default storage android phone

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