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Easy Way to Recover iPad Mini Forgotten Backup Password

I feel so helpless because iPad backup password has been changed by me. But I forgot it. How can I recover my iPad Mini forgotten backup password? I need the backup now. Maybe you have looked for ways in Internet by yourself. Moreover, someone factory reset iPad to remove backup password when they have no […]

How to Restore Encrypted Data from iTunes to iPad

When I connected my iPad to computer in iTunes, I restored my iPad to factory settings with click error. How can I do? All of things ever saved on iPad have been deleted. I think there are still backups in computer, so I tried to restore iPad from iTunes backup. But unfortunately, they are encrypted […]

How to Unlock Locked iPad/iPhone/iPod after Passcode Forgot

I have forgotten iPad passcode, so now it is locked with passcode. How to unlock my iPad or reset iPad forgotten passcode? First, you have to realize you can unlock iPad after passcode forgot. Second, you can remove passcode by restoring iPad from backup or directly restore it to factory settings. These ways are also […]

How to Factory Reset iPad with or without iTunes

Restore iPad to factory settings can fix nearly any problem you have with iPad software. So now in the following passage, two ways are introduced how to factory reset iPad with or without iTunes. At most of time, they are available to iPhone and iPod. Way 1: Factory Reset iPad in Home Screen without iTunes […]

How to Disable iPhone Backup Forgotten Password

My iPhone backup is protected with password. How can I disable iPhone backup password and restore iPhone from backup? Firstly we have to realize and analyze the situations we face, such as whether we forgot iPhone backup password or not. And then we can take appropriate measures to disable backup password. Even though your iPhone backup password […]

Measures to Prevent Data Loss after Hard Disk Formatting

Lost data could be surely recovered with software after deletion, format or virus attack. However, I believe all of us would not like to go for it. Data recovery is not the best way to solve data loss problem. The key to this problem is how to effectively keep data safe. If we want to […]

How to Retrieve Important Data after Deleted or Lost Accidently

Something always happens inadvertently. If you couldn’t do with it well, it will affect your work, especially your career, or you would lose something important in your life. For example, important data is deleted or lost at these moments: Case 1: When you have prepared to visit a client vitally important for your company, you […]

How to Access to SQL after Lost SQL Server Database SA Password

Maybe you have faced such an issue of losing SQL Server SA password.  SQL Server SA password was ever set for protecting database, however, now it has become a problem for us to login SQL Server and access data in SQL Server. How to access SQL Server no logon password? If you are a computer […]

MSSQL Reset SA Password after Database File Locked

MSSQL database file is locked and we couldn’t open it in SQL Server. Whether could we reset SA password to open it? Undoubtedly the answer is yes. SA account is the default administrator of SQL Server. So not only opening database file, but also all of things could be done by SA account in Microsoft […]

How to Retrieve Adobe License Key

License key for Adobe has been lost. Now I want to reinstall Adobe Photoshop CS6 on another computer. How can I retrieve Adobe license key to install PS CS6? There are three ways we can do: 1. Download Adobe PS CS6 and license key again. 2. Find Adobe license key in Windows registry file. 3. […]

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