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How to Uninstall A Program on Windows 8

We often install a lot of programs in our computers so as to make our computers work more safely and efficiently. However, sometimes, we carelessly download the programs with other unnecessary bundled softwares, so we have the intention to uninstall them. Therefore, the article will describe how to uninstall a program on Windows 8 by […]


VMware Needs Virtualization Technology

“What can I do when I used VMware in my x64 version of Windows 8 computer and a prompt showed up as it was exhibited in the following screen shot? I got the error message as follow: This virtual machine is configured for 64-bit guest operating systems. However, 64-bit operation is not possible. This host […]

Remove Password from Microsoft Word 2007 Document

When you set a password to your Microsoft Word 2007 document, you must also know the way to remove the code in case you forget it and can not open the word document anymore. Consequently, this article will detailedly describe 3 ways to remove password from Microsoft Word 2007 document. Way 1: Use “General Options” […]

How to Add Last Intel AHCI Driver to Windows 7 PE Disk

If you want to add the last Intel AHCI driver to Windows 7 PE disk, this article will introduce how to use DISM command and other commands to make your thought come true. Steps to add last Intel AHCI driver to Windows 7 PE disk: 1. Download the latest Intel AHCI Driver in the following […]

Q & A about VMware Workstation

Recently, a friend said he had installed VMware Workstation 6.0 in his Windows 8 computer, but it did not work, so he asked whether VMware Workstation can work with Windows 8 or not. Besides, regarding to the virtual software, there are frequently asked questions as below. 1. What is VMware Workstation? 2. Can VMware Workstation […]

How to Boot Windows 8 Laptop from USB

This post shows you how to boot Windows 8 laptop from USB by simple and easy way. Because of UEFI bios, you may fail to set your laptop to boot from USB flash drive or CD. If so, you can try the following way to set your Windows 8 laptop to boot from USB drive. […]

How to Set BIOS Password to Your Computer

Do you know what is BIOS password? The BIOS password is one of the power-on passwords for all kinds of computers, and is set in the BIOS. It can help you keep your computer safe. At this moment, you may ask how to set a BIOS password. And this text will take setting BIOS password […]

How to Remove BIOS Password

As it is known to us, BIOS password is useful in protecting computer safety and can stop other people from changing BIOS setting as well as booting the computer system. However, what should we do if we forgot the BIOS password to our computers? This article will recommend the following 3 ways to remove BIOS […]

How to Reset Active Directory Admin Password on Windows Server 2012

What can we do if we forgot the active directory admin password on Windows Server 2012? Reinstalling a new Windows operating system will be the last option that we can choose, if we do not have other options. Nowadays, we do not have to reinstall a new system, because a powerful software, iSunshare Windows Password […]

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