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How to Encrypt A ZIP File

If you want to set access right to zip file in your computer, you are advised to set a password to it. And right here, an article introducing how to encrypt a zip file is for your better understanding. Follow the 3 steps, and create a password known by yourself. 1. Download a “7-Zip 9.22beta […]

How to Set Administrator Password on Windows 8

As time passes by, more and more computer users pay attention to their computer safety protection. And the most common way for preserving computer safety is creating a password. As for how to set administrator password on Windows 8, you can study the text about the basic 4 steps. Step 1: On the Start page, […]

How to Set Administrator Password in Windows 7

It is undeniable that most computer users want to encrypt their computers in order to protect their significant files, folders and other documents, but some of them don’t know how to make it. This article will take Windows 7 as an example, and introduce how to set an administrator password in Windows 7 by following […]

How to Add Driver to Windows 7 PE Boot Disk

This post describes how to use dism command to add driver to Windows 7 pe boot disk. Tips: Here just shows you how to use dism command and add-driver argument to add driver to PE disk. If you want to get more details about how to create a Windows 7 pe disk, see how to […]

How to Create Windows 7 PE Boot Disk

This guide shows you how to create windows 7 pe boot disk. With a Windows 7 pe boot disk, you can boot your computer from the pe boot disk, and maintain your computer. Steps to create Windows 7 pe boot disk: Step 1: Download Microsoft Windows AIK and install it. You can download it from […]


Forgot Administrator Password on Windows Vista HP Laptop

I have never wanted to set password for my HP laptop installed with Windows Vista because it is used at home. But one day because of work, I have to take it out. So I set a password for the only administrator password. However, unfortunately, when I got it home and wanted to log into […]

Windows 7 Password Reset without Disc after Windows Login Failed

I have tried all the accounts for Windows 7 login, but all of them couldn’t login Windows 7 successfully. I have not prepared password reset disk or installation disc, repair disc. How can I do to reset Windows 7 password even without disc? If you really need to log into Windows 7 with original user […]

Recovery Disc for Windows 7 Home Premium Admin Password Reset

If you know much about recovery disc, I think you will know recovery disc is the best choice for Windows 7 admin password reset besides another administrator. The recovery disc includes password reset disk and system recovery disc. Password reset disk is easy to create before Windows 7 locked. While if you want to create […]

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How to Create Recovery Disc for Windows Forgotten Admin Password Reset

Recovery disc may be the best choice for Windows forgotten admin password reset besides another admin account. Two kinds of recovery disc, password reset disk and system recovery disc, had better be created before Windows admin password forgotten. But it doesn’t mean that, you couldn’t create recovery disc after you are locked out of computer. […]

Forgot Administrator Password to Windows 7 Ultimate – How to Reset

Unfortunately, I forgot administrator password to my Windows 7 Ultimate. Then what I can do is to find ways that can reset Windows 7 admin password. I search “Windows 7 admin password reset” on Google explorer and really find several ways other people have used to reset Windows 7 administrator password. So I try them […]

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