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How to Release Reservable Bandwidth of System

Do you know that Microsoft operating systems reserve part of Internet bandwidth by default? Generally, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 keep 20% Internet bandwidth for system update, license renewal and so forth. However, some of you may think there is no need to save it in your computer, […]

How to Change SATA Controller Mode

“Recently, I installed Windows XP in my PC whose hard disk mode is AHCI, but a blue screen of death showed up. What can I do now?” A friend put forward this question. Before knowing the solution to the problem, you need to learn the relationship between operating systems and SATA/AHCI mode. Generally speaking, operating […]

How to Recover Login Password for Dell Vostro Laptop

“ I’ve set a password to my Dell Vostro laptop, but I’m afraid of forgetting it one day. Is there any way to recover it if I forgot it? Can anybody help me?” A friend asked such a question. With the purpose of solving the problem, this article recommends 2 effective ways to recover login […]

How to Reset Password for HP Elitebook Laptop

Do you take interest in resetting a password for HP Elitebook laptop? Your answer may be negative because you don’t think you will forget or lose the password. Nevertheless, what are you going to do if you really forget the code one day? Consequently, this post will list the methods to reset password of HP […]

How to Judge the Stand or Fall of A Website or Webpage

With the development of the times, the Internet plays a more and more significant role in our life. In the meantime, countless websites and webpages spring up in the Internet and wait for our visiting. However, not all of them are worth visiting due to various kinds of reasons. Consequently, in this article, several conditions […]

Windows 8 Boots from CD Drive| How to Make It

On reading the title, you may be wondering when it is necessary to boot a computer from CD drive. Actually, when you forget the password to your PC and can not access it, you have to learn how to set it start from a CD drive so as to reset its code. Therefore, this article […]

Difference Between Office Home and Business 2013 and Office Professional Plus 2013

When selecting an edition of Microsoft Office 2013, you may want to know the difference between the versions so as to choose the one suitable for yourself. Consequently, this article will describe 3 major differences between MS Office Home and Business 2013 and Office Professional Plus 2013 for your reference. 1. Price Difference Currently, in […]

Which Microsoft Office 2013 Version is Most Suitable for You?

It is known to all that Microsoft Office 2013 is very helpful in our working life as well as ordinary life. Meanwhile, the Office 2013 contains various versions, including Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013, Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013, Microsoft Office Professional 2013, Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium and so forth. Among these versions, […]

Detailed Explanation of PECMD in WinPE—- PECMD.INI File Configuration (2)

[IFEX] Format : IFEX < condition >, [ Command 1 ] [ ! Command 2 ] Function: According to whether the conditional expression is established, execute command 1 if it is established, while execute command 2 if it is not. Parameters: ■ Condition: judgment for [ available memory ], [ disk free space ], [ […]

Detailed Explanation of PECMD in WinPE—-PECMD.INI File Configuration ( 1 )

At present, most domestic WinPE systems are supported by a core software which is pecmd.exe (referred to a command line interpretive program), and there are more than 70 items in it. 1. Command category 1.1 Commonly used command line 1.2 Window controls, subroutine command 1.2.1 System variables CurDir —- Current Directory Desktop —- Desktop Favorites […]

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