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How to Reset Password on Acer Iconia W700 Windows 8 Tablet

Acer Iconia W700 password lost? Forgot Windows 8 tablet password? It is an issue that all of us have experienced sometimes. In this article, I will introduce an easy way for you to reset Acer Iconia tablet forgotten password.

First, you need a bootable USB reset disk. If you have possessed one, just connect it to locked Acer Iconia Windows 8 tablet and reset forgotten password with it. If not, you have to create a bootable password recovery drive. Here, there are step-by-step operations on Acer Iconia password reset.

How to Reset Forgotten Password on Acer Iconia W700 Windows 8 Tablet?

1. Get Windows Password Genius Advanced utility from iSunshare website. Click the EXE file and install it on another PC you can access to.

2. After software installation, open the installation file, you will find an ISO file named windows_password_genius_advanced_trial. It is used to burn password reset disk.

3. Burn Windows password reset disk

There are two ways to burn reset disk for Windows 8 password recovery.

4. Connect bootable USB reset disk to Acer Iconia tablet

It means Acer Iconia tablet has to boot from USB device. Shut down the Acer Iconia tablet. Insert USB drive, press Windows button and hold down Power button together.  When the machine starts, press F2. Windows prompts you with message “Loading windows files…”. This will display BIOS settings program. Change the boot order to boot from the USB device. Save these changes and turn on Acer Iconia tablet.

5. Acer tablet starts with Windows PE system. After that, Windows Password Genius Advanced utility automatically runs on Acer tablet and downloads Windows 8 operational system. All the accounts and password are listed on the window. Choose the account you want to change its password and click Reset Password.

Exit USB disk and reboot Acer Iconia Windows 8 tablet, and you can login Windows OS without password.

Whether it is easy? Just try to do as the above introduction, forgotten Windows 8 password will be recovered.

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