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UEFI Terms

UEFI is short for Unified Extensible Firmware Interface which is the interface between the operating system and the platform firmware. And the UEFI BIOS has become increasingly popular because of its advantages comparing with legacy BIOS. Consequently, with the purpose of learning UEFI BIOS well, you need to learn its related terms first. So the UEFI terms, both the abbreviations and the full names, are listed in the following of the article.

ACPI        Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
AMT         Active Management Tech
ASL          ACPI Source Language
BFV          Boot Firmware Volume
CSM         Compatibility Support Module
DEC         Package Declaration
DEPEX     Dependency Expression
DSC         Platform Build Description
DXE         Driver Execution Environment
EBC         EFI Byte Compiler
EC           Embedded Controller
ECP         EDK Compatibility Package
EDK         Embedded Development Kit
EFI           Extensible Firmware Interface
FDF         Flash Device File
FFS         Firmware Fils System
FV           Firmware Volume
GC          Graphics Console
HOB        Hand-Off Block
INF          Information File
IPF          Itanium Processor Family
IPL          DXE Initial Program Load
MDE        Module Development Environment
ME          Manageability Engine
MIPI        Mobile Industry Processor Interface
PCD        Platform Configuration Database
PEI          Pre-EFI Initialization
PEIM       PEI Module
PPI          PEIM to PEIM Interface
SCU        System Control Unit
SEC        Security
SMI         System Management Interrupt
TDP        Thermal Design Power
TPM        Trusted Platform Module
TXT         Trusted Execution Technology
UMIT       USB 2.0 Transceiver Macrocell Interface
ULPI        UMIT+Low Pin Interface
VFR         Visual Forms Representation

To make a conclusion, these terms are frequently seen in some articles or webpages relating with UEFI. Hence, after studying the terms, you will find it more easier for you to learn the knowledge about UEFI when searching its information in the Internet.


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