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The Advantages of UEFI BIOS

Most of you may be more familiar with traditional BIOS (Basic Input Output System) than UEFI BIOS, because the BIOS setup utility interface is more frequently seen when you set BIOS password to your PC, boot your computer from a CD drive or USB device or make other operations in it. However, due to the its shortcomings, the UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface), an advanced firmware interface, has been developed to replace the traditionary BIOS in the future. Consequently, there is a necessity to learn the advantages of UEFI. And you can refer to the following introduction.

10 advantages of UEFI BIOS:

1. Modular design, logically dividing into hardware control and OS software management.

2. Good error correction feature.

3. High resolution color graphic environment, supporting the application of mouse.

4. Great compatibility, including processor compatibility, disk device compatibility, etc. For instance, UEFI supports boot from large disk by a GUID Partition Table (GPT).

5. Powerful networking capability, allowing other users to make reliable remote fault diagnosis to your computer host without entering the operating system.

6. Apply new operating method of Driver/Protocol to replace the previous ways of interruption and hardware port operation.

7. Use C programming language to encode and dynamic link to construct the system.

8. UEFI initialization module and DXE (Driver Execution Environment) are integrated into a read only memory (ROM), which enables UEFI to support all devices well.

9. UEFI processor mode can be either 32-bit or 64-bit, while the traditional BIOS is limited to 16-bit processor mode and 1 MB addressable space.

10. Directly use Flat mode, not supporting x86 mode; Its output is not binary code, but Removable Binary Drivers.

In brief, apart from the ten advantages described above, UEFI BIOS may have other merits waiting for your discovery. Moreover, comparing with the traditional BIOS, the UEFI, with so many strengths, will undoubtedly bring better user experience to computer greenhands as well as masters.


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