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How to Keep Your Computer Away From Cyber Extortion Virus Attack

Recently, a worldwide computer virus attack is going on striking the whole world computers. Once your computer got infected, your computer screen would normally display a picture like this.

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The virus would show the message that you should pay money to decrypt the data, if you don't reach a compromise, the important data stored in your computer would be permanently deleted. In order to keep your computer away from the cyber extortion virus attack, you should follow some methods to protect your computer.

  1. Method 1: Apply a New Inbound Rule
  2. Method 2: Use Windows Update

Method 1: Apply a New Inbound Rule

Step 1: Go to Start Menu, find and open Control Panel.

find control panel

Step 2: In the Control Panel window, find System and Security in the view of the category.

find system and security

Step 3: Click Windows Firewall in the coming window.

find windows firewall

Step 4: Find and click the option labeled with Turn Windows Firewall on or off in the left side of the window.

click to set firewall

Step 5: Check all the boxes to enable the Windows firewall. Don't forget clicking OK.

turn on firewall

Step 6: Go back to the Windows Firewall window, find the Advanced Settings and click it.

click advanced settings

Step 7: Find and click the option called Inbound Rules on the left side of the window. Then go to the right side of the window, find and click the option called New Rule.

click inbound rule

Step 8: In the coming window, first check the box labeled with Port. Then click Next button on the bottom of the window.

select the type of rule

Step 9: In the coming window, go and check the rule apply to TCP, then type 445 into the text bar labeled with specific local ports. Click Next.

set what a rule apply to

Step 10: Check the box labeled with Block the connection.

select rule action

Step 11: In this window, you can decide when this rule will apply.

select when the rule apply

Step 12: Just give a name to the rule, type whatever you like into it and click Finish to end this setting.

give a name to the rule

Method 2: Use Windows Update

You can go to the System and Security window and click the Windows Update item to update some latest system patch.

begin updating from Windows

Attention: Due to different versions of Windows, some steps may have little difference, so you should adapt the guidelines to your computer.

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