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How to Maintain a Good Performance of a Computer

Have you ever recognized that the computer was running slower than before? There are some reasons that contribute to the situation. In order to make a better computer performance, you should make good habits when using a computer and acknowledge how to maintain the performance of a computer. There are some ways to maintain our computer. Hope them will help you.

  1. Back up your data and system
  2. Find and Run anti-virus security sofware properly
  3. Clean junk files in the disk
  4. Clean the interior of the computer

Back up your data and system

1. Go to the Start Menu, type Backup and Restore into the search bar and click it in the coming list.

find backup

2. In Backup and Restore window, click the link called Set up backup to begin backing up.

begin backing up

Find and Run anti-virus security sofware properly

As time goes by, it is inevitable that excessive amount of junk file or unnecessary software and even virus are being stored on your hard disk which not only just occupy the space of your disk but also affect the performance of your computer system. You should remove the junk files and uninstall the unnecessary software and kill the virus in order to get a better performance. Typically, computers with Windows system have pre-installed anti-virus security software. If not, download one from the internet.

Go and perform an Internet search for "anti-virus protection" to retrieve a list of anti-virus programs for free if your budget isn’t enough. On the contrary, you can buy a paid software to secure your computer. You should run the software frequently to find the virus and kill it.

find free antivirus

Clean junk files in the disk

In addition to using the software to defeat the virus, cleaning junk files in the partition the system files stored regularly can save the space on your hard disk. As you know, a simplified disk can run faster. You can use the built-in function to clean the disk.

1. Go to the Start Menu and type Disk Cleanup in the search bar then click it in the coming list.

find disk cleanup

2. Choose the partition of the disk that you want to clean up and click OK.

choose a partition

3. The system will calculate the space that you can free up in this partition and show the details of the file for you in the window. Choose the files that you want to delete and if you are not clear about what the files are, you can click the name of a file to learn more details from the description showed in the under part of the window.

choose the file and delete

4. If you are sure what are going to be deleted, tick them and then click OK to delete them.

Clean the interior of the computer

Beside to some virtual problems in the computer, there are some physical reasons that contribute to the bad performance of a computer. For instance, the debris around a fan could badly decrease the cooling efficiency of the fan which could lead to the overheating of a computer. And the dirt in the motherboard could even make the computer crashed. You would never like to experience that. So let’s clean the interior of a computer now.

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