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Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery Free with Data Genius

laptop hard drive lost data recovery

With the rapid development and continuous upgrade of Toshiba or Dell hard drive, more and more persons or companies choose to save massive and important data on it. Even though we have tried our best to protect so important data, we still can’t prevent something happening sometimes, such as data lost because of virus attack, careless wipe, or even hard drive format.

In front of such annoying problem, believe that only completely recovering lost data from Toshiba/Dell laptop or PC computer successfully, can make us feel relax. But which way or tool can give a help? To look for solution to this question, we find free Data Genius is a good tool which can recover data because of deletion accidently, virus attack, format etc. So in the following article, we will take an example for you with how to use Data Genius to recover hard drive data, laptop hard drive data recovery with Data Genius.

Steps to free recover laptop hard drive data with Data Genius:

Step 1: Install and run Data Genius on your laptop.

Free download it here: https://www.isunshare.com/data-genius.html

Step 2: Choose one from four data recovery options according to data lost reason.

choose laptop hard drive data recovery option

Step 3: Click OK and choose appropriate hard drive. Then click Scan button.

choose laptop hard drive to scan

Step 4: Scan the selected hard drive. Data Genius will browse the deleted or lost data on it and show them in front of you.

scan laptop selected hard drive

Step 5: Expand folder in the left pane of Data Genius, and preview file in the right pane.

preview and recover laptop lost data on hard drive

Step 6: Check files you want to recover in file list, click Recover button and then choose a folder to save them on another laptop hard drive.

Step 7: Successfully recover lost laptop data on hard drive when the message pops up.

successfully recover laptop hard drive data

Tips: When data loss happens, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t save any new files on the hard drive, because they may overwritten the lost files and you will lost them permanently. In addition, this way and tool Data Genius also works for Windows desktop PC or server data recovery.

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