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How to Add or Remove Password Protection in Excel 2016

This article will introduce excel 2016 workbook/worksheet password protection add or remove in two parts.

  1. Part 1: How to add password to protect Excel 2016 spreadsheet
  2. Part 2: How to remove Excel 2016 spreadsheet protection

How to add password to protect Excel 2016 spreadsheet

In this part, open password and modify password will be set to protect excel 2016 workbook or spreadsheet.

protect excel 2016 workbook

Section 1: Add open password to encrypt Excel 2016 spreadsheet

Just like Word/PowerPoint 2016, you can also set a password to restrict access to Excel workbook/worksheet.
After making sure Excel 2016 worksheet is finished editing, turn to FileInfoProtect Workbook, where you can choose an option Encrypt with Password to set open password to this excel workbook, protecting all of worksheets in it.

choose encrypt workbook with password

1. Type a powerful password in following Encrypt Document dialog, and click OK.

encrypt excel workbook with password

2. Reenter the same password and press Enter to confirm encrypting excel 2016 workbook.

confirm password to encrypt excel workbook

3. Then you could see a password is required to open this workbook.

protect excel 2016 workbook with open password successfully

Section 2: Set modify password to restrict editing on excel 2016 worksheet

Excel 2016 worksheet modify password is a little different from Word 2016. You cannot find "Restrict Editing" option in Protect Workbook, but you can select Protect Current Sheet option to prevent this worksheet from editing.

1. Navigate to File InfoProtect WorkbookProtect Current Sheet.

choose protect current sheet option

2. In following Protect Sheet dialog, check Protect worksheet and contents of locked cells. Set a password to protect/unprotect this worksheet, and under Allow all users of this worksheet to option, choose what you want to allow users to do. Click OK at last to protect this worksheet.

set password to protect worksheet

3. Type password again to confirm worksheet password protection.

confirm password to protect excel worksheet

From then on, everyone who wants to open workbook or edit worksheet, should type correct password to open excel 2016 workbook, and then enter modify password to unprotect excel 2016 worksheet.

protect excel 2016 worksheet with modify password successfully

Learn more ways to Password Protect Excel File and Excel Sheet/Workbook/Spreadsheet/Worksheet.

If you don't like password protecting excel 2016 workbook or spreadsheet any longer, you can remove password protection from excel 2016 when you know password.

How to remove Excel 2016 spreadsheet password protection

When you have open or modify password, follow article below to remove excel 2016 password protection.

Section 1: Remove Excel 2016 open password protection

While you try to open password protected excel 2016 workbook, and a password dialog appears, type open password you know and click OK to open excel workbook. Then you could remove excel 2016 open password.

open password protected excel workbook with open password

1. Go to File InfoProtect Workbook, and choose Encrypt with Password option again, just like when you encrypt excel workbook.

select encrypt with password on encrypted excel workbook

2. Clear password in pop-up dialog Encrypt the contents of this file. Click OK.

clear excel 2016 workbook open password


If you don't know the excel 2016 open password, it won't be easy for you to open the excel file and unprotect sheet. At this moment, please don't reject the effective password recovery tool, Excel Password Genius if you have no idea. At least, it can help you easily find out Excel file open password. Then it is your freedom to remove excel open password.

Section 2: Remove Excel 2016 spreadsheet modify password.

Choose FileInfo, next to Protect Workbook, you can see whether your excel worksheet is restrict editing.
If you see there is a message "One or more sheets in this workbook have been locked to prevent unwanted changes to the data", click Unprotect button after it. Type modify password you know in Unprotect Sheet dialog, and click OK.

remove excel worksheet password protection

At this moment, you have successfully removed Excel 2016 open and modify password protection if you see following screen.

remove excel password protection successfully

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