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How to Connect USB, iPhone, iPad to Mac OS X on VMware

As common removal devices, USB, iPhone, iPad is usually taken to save and transfer frequently-used or temporary data or files between other devices. For example, while you need to transfer data between USB, iPhone, iPad and popular PC or Mac, you would have to connect them successfully. Otherwise, nothing will be done.

Believe the easy connection between PC and USB or iPhone could not trouble you. So now let’s just talk about how to connect removal USB, iPhone, iPad to Mac OS X, especially when you are running Mac OS X on VMware.


Step 1: Connect the USB, iPhone or iPad to the host.

Connect the USB, iPhone or iPad to the host, and check whether host could recognize them. If they are recognized successfully, it means the removal devices and cable are right. And the Apple mobile device USB driver has been installed on host.

connect usb or iphone to host successfully

Step 2: Power on Mac OS X on VMware.

Run VMware Workstation, click Mac OS X and power on this virtual machine. Then sign in Mac OS X with user and password.

power on mac os x on vmware

Step 3: Disconnect USB, iPhone from host and connect it to Mac on Virtual Machine.

While Mac OS X is running successfully on VMware, click the VM on top menu and select Removable Devices > Apple iPhone > Connect (Disconnect from Host) or Removable Devices > Kingston Data Traveler 3.0 > Connect (Disconnect from Host).

connect iphone to mac os x on vmware

connect usb to mac os x on vmware

If nothing is wrong, iTunes on Mac OS X will automatically open and check iPhone or iPad etc iOS devices. Or you can see USB disk on Mac desktop.

However, if Mac OS X cannot recognize the iPhone, you would see nothing. At this time, please find solutions to fix the problem "VMware Mac OS X doesn’t recognize iOS device".

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