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VMware Mac OS X Doesn’t Recognize iOS Device | How to Fix

iTunes not recognize iPhone on VMware Mac OS X and get a mistake about driver error?

failed connection between mac and ios devices

Please try the following solutions to fix the problem.

Step 1: Check whether the host could recognize iPhone or iPad etc iOS devices.

Connect iPhone or iPad to Windows computer host, and see whether you can open iPhone on host, or iTunes could recognize iPhone or iPad. If successfully, just change the related settings on VMware to fix the failed connection problem by following article. If not, please check whether the Apple mobile USB driver is available. If necessary, update the Apple mobile USB driver on host and try again.

Step 2: Check whether iPhone etc iOS devices in System Information or System Report.

Disconnect iPhone etc from host and connect it to VMware Mac OS X. And open System Information or System Report on VMware Mac OS X to see whether there is iPhone etc iOS devices.

1. Click Apple icon and About the Mac from the upper left corner on Mac OS X.

check mac information

2. Click System Report on Mac OS information window.

check system report on mac

3. On pop-up Apple device window, go to Hardware > USB in the left panel, and see whether there is iPhone etc iOS devices at the right side. If you can see, go on to read.

check ios devices in mac system

Step 3: Uninstall the third-party security software on Mac OS X.

Probably it is third-party security software that prevents iPhone from accessing Mac. So it is necessary to try whether uninstalling the software could solve your problem about iPhone recognize.

Go to Finder > Applications on Mac OS X and right-click the software in Applications, then click "Move to Trash".

Step 4: Connect iPhone to VMware Mac OS X via USB 2.0 port instead of USB 3.0 port.

Try operations here if Mac OS X still cannot recognize iPhone etc through above steps. It will tell you how to connect iPhone to Mac OS X on VMware via USB 2.0 but not USB 3.0 port. Usually this way would successfully help you to connect iOS devices to VMware Mac OS X.

1. Power off the Mac OS X in Virtual Machine.

2. Right-click the Mac OS X and choose Settings from context menu.

change vmware mac os x settings

3. On Virtual Machine Settings window, tap on USB Controller and change the USB compatibility to be USB 2.0. Click OK to save changes.

change usb compatibility

4. Power on Mac OS X in Virtual Machine and connect the iPhone to host.

power on mac os x after changing USB compatibility

5. Go to VMware menu, and click VM > Removable Devices > Apple iPhone > Connect (Disconnect from Host).

reconnect ios devices to vmware mac os x with cable

Then while iPhone is disconnected from host and connected to Mac OS X, Apple iPhone is recognized automatically by iTunes on Mac OS X. After that, you can restore iPhone data from iTunes backup.

itunes recognizes iphone on mac os x

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