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Ophcrack Doesn't Work on Windows 10 Computer | How to Do

Usually you can reset Windows 7/Vista/XP password with Ophcrack and steps below.

1. Download Ophcrack live cd.
2. Burn ISO image file into bootable USB flash drive.
3. Boot computer from Ophcrack live USB.
4. Reset Windows password with Ophcrack live usb.

But whether it is also successful for latest Windows 10 password reset? I tried but it failed.

ophcrack doesn't work for windows 10

As I know, the Ophrack works well for Windows 7 and previous operational systems. But it doesn’t work fine on Windows 8/10 computer. And it doesn’t reset Windows password longer than 5 characters.

So if forgot Windows 10 password, it is better to find an alternative to reset Windows 10 password effectively when Ophcrack doesn't work for Windows 10 password reset.

The best alternative to reset Windows 10 password - iSunshare Windows Password Genius

iSunshare Windows Password Genius is the best Ophcrack alternative, even though you find administrator and Microsoft online service also could change Windows 10 local user and Microsoft account password. It’s the unique way that can reset Windows 7/8/10 password for all of user accounts. All you need to do is to download and install it in available computer. Burn it into bootable USB flash drive or CD/DVD. Then use the burned disc to reset Windows 10 password.


windows password recovery advanced free download

Step 1: Burn iSunshare program into writable USB drive.

1. Run iSunshare program and insert writable USB drive into an accessible Windows computer.

2. Select the USB device option, inserted USB drive, and click Begin burning button.

3. Confirm to format USB drive and instantly USB password recovery disc is created.

burn windows 10 password reset usb disc

Step 2: Reset Windows 10 password with USB disc.

1. Plug the USB recovery disc into locked Windows 10 computer.

2. Start computer and while computer logo appears, continue pressing hot key until Boot Menu pops up.

3. Select USB flash drive you plugged on Boot Menu and boot Windows 10 successfully from USB drive.

Note: If it fails to boot Windows 10 from USB drive with above method, probably you have not disabled secured boot or hot key is not right.

reset windows 10 password with usb disc

4. Windows Password Genius Advanced runs on locked Windows 10 computer.

5. Select Windows 10 system, choose user in list, and tap on Reset Password button. Then the user password would be reset to blank or new one "iSunshare@2012", which is related with the user type you choose, local user or Microsoft live account.

6. In order to make Windows 10 password reset effective, now click Reboot button, eject USB drive, and wait for Windows 10 restarting. Then on Windows 10 login screen, you can select local user to login Windows 10 without password, or select Microsoft account to sign in with password "iSunshare@2012".

Note: While you need to use the Microsoft account for another Microsoft service, don't forget the new password.

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