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How to Find Data File Location in Outlook 2007-2016

Data file will be saved in a folder when you export email account and some information from Outlook as .PST file. However, not everyone knows the data file location or it may be forgotten. If you want to recover outlook data file password, the data file location is required. Otherwise, you cannot find data file and recover its password. So how can you find outlook data file location when you need?

Do not be anxious. Two ways will be introduced here to help you find data file location in Outlook 2007-2016.

  1. Way 1: Find Outlook data file location with Control Panel
  2. Way 2: Find Outlook data file location in Outlook Account Settings

Way 1: Find Outlook data file location with Control Panel

1. Open Control Panel on your PC or laptop.

open control panel on pc

2. Choose User Accounts and Family Safety and you can see Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016).

choose mail microsoft outlook 2016

3. On Mail Setup - Outlook dialog, click "Data Files…".

select data files option on mail setup window

4. All the Outlook data files and data file location are listed in new Account Settings dialog.

find outlook data file location with control panel

Just select the data file you want, click the Open File Location button, and you will go to the location where data file saves.

Way 2: Find Outlook data file location in Outlook Account Settings

If your data file is open in Outlook 2016, however, you still want to get the location of this data file or other data files, go on to see the article.

1. Click File > Info, and choose Account Settings under "Account Settings" option.

choose account settings option in outlook 2016

2. Select Data Files tab in Account Settings and you can see the data files and their location.

find pst file location in data files tab

In order to copy the data file location, elect the data file, and click Open File Location. In pop-up dialog, you can copy its location in address bar.

find outlook data file in outlook account settings

Generally, if the data file location is not changed when you export outlook emails and information to save as .PST file, it would be saved in this folder. C:\Users\fuzi\Documents\Outlook Files (…\Documents\Outlook Files)

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