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The Best Alternative to Free Windows 10 Password Reset Software

Help me! The free Windows password recovery tools I found couldn't work for resetting my Windows 10 login password. Anyone could help me to reset Windows 10 password when I am completely locked out of my computer?

If you have wasted a lot of time on trying free Windows 10 password reset software, such as Ophcrack, Kon-Boot, Offline NT Password & Registry Editor etc, but still couldn't regain access to your computer, it will be necessary to find an alternative way to unlock your locked Windows 10 computer.

Note that Windows 10 has provided several common free methods for Windows 10 password reset, such as Windows 10 password reset disk, Windows 10 installation disc and Microsoft account password reset online service. Whether they work depends on if you have prepared them before.

So, compared to the free methods and free Windows 10 password reset software listed above, I would like to recommend you another alternative, iSunshare Windows 10 Password Genius, the best alternative when you don't have any preparation for Windows 10 password reset.

The best alternative to free Windows 10 password reset software

iSunshare Windows 10 Password Genius is the best alternative software I find so far, which can reset Windows 10 login password and add new user account at any time to your locked Windows 10 computer with simple steps. And lots of new features make it different from free and difficult Windows 10 password reset software.

How to use the best alternative - iSunshare Windows 10 password reset software?

What need to be prepared?

Step 1: Burn the Windows 10 password reset software into removal device.

1. After the installation of iSunshare Windows 10 Password Genius on accessible computer, run it and plug the removal device, such as USB flash drive into computer.

install and run windows 10 password reset software

2. Click on the specific option USB device and choose connected USB flash drive.

select inserted removal device

3. Tap on Begin burning and Yes button. It will burn the ISO image file of the software into removal device, USB flash drive, so that you can boot your locked computer from the removal device then.

format removal device


Step 2: Boot locked Windows 10 computer from removal device.

1. Click OK and get the USB disc you have burned with Windows 10 password reset software.

successfully burn password reset software into bootable device

2. Power off your locked Windows 10 computer and connect it with USB disc.

3. Start your locked computer and set it to boot from USB disc in BIOS Setup.


Step 3: Reset Windows 10 password with the best alternative software.

While the iSunshare Windows 10 password reset software successfully runs on your Windows 10 computer, all of the user accounts added for Windows logon are listed. And two options are available for you to choose, Reset Password and Add User.

1. Select the login user in list and tap on Reset Password button, then click Yes to reset or remove forgotten password for login user, including local account and Microsoft account.

reset windows 10 login user password

2. Click on Add User option, and a dialog would pop up for you to enter the new administrator account name and password. Similarly, an admin account will be added to your computer instantly.

add new user to windows 10


Step 4: Eject USB disc, reboot computer to stop running Windows 10 password reset software.

Tap on Reboot button, and remove USB disc in time before Windows 10 computer restarts. Then just wait for computer reboot and it will access login screen. Now you will have two options to unlock computer. Choose the user you have reset password or new user account you just created as login user.

stop running windows 10 password reset software


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