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Forgot Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop Password Windows 10 and No Reset Disk

Forgot thinkpad windows 10 password and cannot login Lenovo laptop? The common and best way should be resetting forgotten Lenovo thinkpad laptop password. But if there is no password reset disk, how can we do? All of us should know password reset disk is the most effective and common way provided free for windows password reset after locked out of PC/laptop/tablet. Even though Lenovo thinkpad laptop has installed with latest Windows 10, it still works for resetting local user forgotten password.

That’s true. But we don't need to worry about Lenovo thinkpad forgot password and no disk. Here two easy ways would take place of password reset disk and help you to powerfully reset forgotten password on Lenovo thinkpad laptop windows 10.

  1. Way 1: built-in administrator
  2. Way 2: iSunshare bootable USB drive

Way 1: Reset forgotten Lenovo laptop Windows 10 password with built-in administrator

As is known, built-in administrator has the highest privileges that could change anything on Windows system, including changing any user password. And fortunately, it has been created by default in windows 10 installation process. But it is disabled and cannot display on Windows 10 login screen unless someone enable it manually.

So if you have enabled Windows 10 built-in administrator before Lenovo laptop password forgot, please take it to help reset Lenovo laptop Windows 10 password.


Step 1: Sign in Lenovo thinkpad laptop with built-in administrator.

sign in lenovo thinkpad laptop with default administrator

Step 2: Run cmd.exe  to reset forgotten Lenovo laptop password.

1. Run Command Prompt as administrator on Lenovo ThinkPad laptop.

2. Type net user command and press Enter to reset forgotten Lenovo laptop password.

For example, type command "net user isunshare abc" to reset password for local user account "isunshare".

reset lenovo thinkpad laptop windows 10 password with command

Tips: If you have set and forgot built-in administrator password in Windows 10, you would not be able to use it unless can reset built-in administrator password in Windows 10. Or you can take way 2 to easily reset lenovo laptop forgotten password regardless of the account type.

Way 2: Reset forgotten Lenovo thinkpad laptop windows 10 password with bootable USB drive

Besides password reset disk created before, there is a bootable USB drive that can be created after laptop lock and also could reset Windows forgotten password.

In order to create such a bootable USB for Lenovo thinkpad laptop Windows 10 password reset, we should get a powerful Windows 10 password recovery tool, iSunshare Windows 10 Password Genius.

Step 1: Create iSunshare bootable USB drive.

1. Install and launch iSunshare 10 Windows Password Genius on accessible computer.

2. Plug a writable USB flash drive into computer and choose it to burn a bootable USB drive for Lenovo thinkpad laptop password reset.

create isunshare windows password reset disk

Just click USB device option on Windows 10 Password Genius, and select the writable USB flash drive from drop-down list, then click Begin burning button next to it. At last, you will successfully receive a powerful bootable USB after iSunshare program is burned successfully into formatted USB flash drive.

successfully burn isunshare tool into bootable usb

Step 2: Reset Thinkpad laptop windows 10 password with iSunshare bootable USB.

1. Start Lenovo thinkpad laptop from iSunshare bootable USB.

Insert the bootable USB drive into Thinkpad laptop and power on or restart it into BIOS Setup. Then choose USB as first boot device. Instantly, Windows 10 Password Genius runs on locked Thinkpad Windows 10 laptop.

boot lenovo thinkpad laptop from isunshare usb reset disk

2. Reset forgotten password for Lenovo thinkpad Windows 10 laptop.

Confirm the Windows system (Windows 10) and select the user you want to reset password from list on Windows 10 Password Genius. Then click Reset Password button to reset forgotten thinkpad laptop password to blank.

reset lenovo thinkpad laptop windows 10 password with isunshare disk

Tips: If Lenovo laptop is installed with windows server operational system, you can get Windows Password Genius Advanced to reset password for add new account..

Step 3: Restart Lenovo thinkpad laptop and login Windows 10.

Tap on Reboot button now and exit bootable USB to boot Lenovo thinkpad laptop from hard drive successfully. Then on following login screen, you just need to select the password-reset user or new administrator and sign in thinkpad laptop.

restart and login lenovo thinkpad windows 10 laptop without password

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