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How to Unlock HP Laptop Forgot Windows 10 Password

Forgot HP laptop password windows 10, and locked out of hp laptop windows 10? Please learn to unlock HP Windows 10 laptop if you want to login HP laptop instantly and do what you want.

3 methods to unlock your HP laptop after Windows 10 password forgot:

  1. Method 1: Reset Windows 10 password to unlock HP laptop
  2. Method 2: Remove Windows 10 password to unlock HP laptop
  3. Method 3: Unlock locked HP laptop with sign-in options

Method 1: Reset Windows 10 password to unlock HP laptop

Windows 10 HP laptop is probably set auto login with Microsoft account or local account. So if you want to unlock HP laptop by resetting Windows 10 forgotten password, you have two choices. One is considering individually, just like the following two options, the other is considering simultaneously.

Option 1: Unlock HP laptop by resetting Microsoft account password

If you find it is your Microsoft account password forgot that leads to HP laptop lock, you can reset password for Microsoft account on Microsoft service page and then unlock HP laptop with new Microsoft account password.

reset hp laptop forgotten microsoft account password

Option 2: Unlock HP laptop by resetting local user password

If there is "Reset password" button under password input box after you failed to login HP laptop, click it and plug password reset disk you have created into locked HP laptop.

forgot hp laptop windows 10 password

Follow Password Reset Wizard to reset a new password for this local user. Then unlock locked HP laptop with windows 10 local user and its new password.

reset hp laptop windows 10 password with reset disk


Besides above two options to reset Windows 10 password, there is a bootable USB that you can use to reset Windows 10 password for local and Microsoft account at the same time. So if you have no reset disk, please create one to unlock HP laptop.


Method 2: Remove Windows 10 password to unlock HP laptop

Besides Windows 10 password reset, Windows 10 password remove also helps to unlock hp laptop if locked user is local account and there is no reset disk. Otherwise, you can directly reset Windows 10 password with reset disk and unlock HP laptop.

2 options to unlock HP laptop by removing Windows 10 password

Option 1: Unlock HP laptop with Windows 10 password removal tool

Windows 10 Password Genius is one of powerful Windows 10 password remove and reset tool, because password reset disk it burns could easily remove Windows 10 local/Microsoft account password directly and create new account without login.

Step 1: Burn password reset disk with Windows 10 Password Genius.

Just install and run Windows 10 Password Genius on your another accessible Windows computer. Then insert writable USB drive into the computer. Select the drive and click Begin burning button on Windows 10 Password Genius, to burn password reset disk into USB drive.

burn password remover program into usb drive

Step 2: Boot locked HP laptop from USB drive and remove HP laptop windows 10 password.

Follow the article how to set computer boot from USB drive to boot locked HP laptop from USB drive. When Windows 10 Password Genius runs on locked HP laptop and reloads all user accounts, you can select the user and click Reset Password button to remove forgotten password from locked HP laptop.

remove hp laptop forgotten password with password remover tool

Step 3: Unlock HP laptop after Windows 10 password remove.

Reboot your locked HP laptop from hard drive after password remove. Then you would not need to type any password to login HP laptop. Just select the user you have removed password to unlock HP laptop without password.


Option 2: Unlock HP laptop with default administrator

If enabled built-in administrator appears on locked HP laptop login screen, it would be your fortunate to directly unlock HP laptop without password, because built-in administrator has no password protection by default.

unlock hp laptop without password


Method 3: Unlock locked HP Laptop with sign-in options

Undoubtedly, sign-in options are also available to login HP laptop besides forgotten Windows 10 password. If you can the sign-in options, PIN code or Picture password on logon screen, just select one of them to sign in Windows 10 and unlock HP laptop after password forgot.

unlock hp laptop with sign-in options


In a word, iSunshare Windows 10 Password Genius is the most powerful and effective tool to unlock HP laptop if you forgot password to login Windows 10, no matter you want to unlock HP laptop by Windows 10 password reset or remove.

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