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Change Network Connection Priority in Windows 10

Generally, we have no reason to change network connection priority, because Windows computer has chosen the right network connection. But if you want to select the preferred one network and want to automatically connect to it, or you just want to make the connection sequence different, this article could help you.

Firstly, let’s see the current network card priority or network connection priority. And then move the network you like to the preferred place in Network Advanced Settings or prioritize the wireless network with command.

Part 1: check network card priority with command in Windows 10

1. Press Win + X keys and select Command Prompt (Admin) in menu.

run command prompt as administrator

2. Enter command "netstat –rn | more" and press Enter button.

check network connection priority in windows 10

In the following results, you can see the Interface List in CMD window. Under Interface List, the number in the left side means that order of network card. So we can see now the first connection network is "Software Loopback Interface", followed by "Gigabit Network Connection".

Part 2: Change wired/wireless network connection priority

2 ways for wired network connection:

Way 1: Change Network connections advanced settings

1. Press Windows key + X and select Network Connections from the menu.

2. Press the Alt key in keyboard and click Advanced > Advanced Settings.

open network connection advanced settings

3. Select the network connection and click the arrows in the right side to change the network connection priority.

change network priority with arrows

4. Click OK at last when you think you have organized the priority of the network connection.

Then the computer will follow the order to connect to network. Besides the simple and direct way, you could also change network priority through Internet Protocol.

Way 2: Change Internet Protocol settings

1. Open Network Connections and right click the network you want to change its priority.

open network connection properties

2. Select Properties and click “"nternet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)" in network Properties. Click "Properties" again.

open internet protocol properties

3. In the Protocol Properties dialog, click Advanced button.

open internet protocol advanced settings

4. In Advanced TCP/IP Settings dialog, uncheck the option Automatic metric and enter the connection sequence for the network. Click OK to save priority changes.

change network priority in network protocol advanced settings


2 ways for wireless network connection:

Way 1: Change the automatic connected network

Way 2: Command prompt

1. Run Command Prompt (Admin).

2. Display all the connections that linked to your computer.

netsh wlan show profiles

Note: If there is no wireless network, the command would prompt you that "The Wireless AutoConfig Service is not running".

cannot find wireless network configuration

3. Chang the order of precedence with command below.

netsh wlan set profileorder name="Guest1″ interface="Wi-Fi" priority=1

Note: Guest1 is the name of the active network which you want to prioritize. You substitute this name with the one whose precedence is to be changed.

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