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How to Change DPI Settings in Windows 10

With the development of technology, we always hear about DPI. Especially in printers, mouses, computers, and others electronic products. In ordinary, the higher the DPI, the more accurate. So, how to change DPI settings in Windows 10 for your mouse or fix blurry apps? Here are two parts showing to you.

Locate the corresponding part to solve the problem if you are in the same misgiving.

Part 1: Windows 10 DPI Scaling Fix Blurry Applications

In this part, we provide two options for you. Windows 10 is a recently launched system with various new function. In the opposite, it also exits more imperfection while using it. What is common in some applications interfaces are blurry when it is at high DPI.

Option 1: Override high DPI scaling behavior

Wrong scaling will lead to blurry interface in applications.

Step 1: Go to desktop, right-click on the blurry application icon then select Properties.

right click and select properties

Step 2: Click on Compatibility tab, tick the Override high DPI scaling behavior checkbox. Click the down arrow next to Application and select System (Enhanced) from the drop-down. Tap on Apply and OK to save changes.

override high dpi scaling behavior

Option 2: Change scaling in Windows 10

Change scaling can fix the issue in Windows.

Step 1: Right-click on the desktop and choose Display settings.

Step 2: Under Display tab, locate Scale and layout section. You can change the size of text, apps, and other items. We recommend you choose 125% from the list.

change scaling in windows 10

Part 2: How to Change DPI Settings for Your Mouse

Most of the young man like playing computer games, for example, League of Legends, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. Those games require high configuration computer, keyboard, and mouse. High DPI can provide a good experience with flexible operations for game players. So, here comes the question, how to change DPI for your mouse? Let's move on.

Step 1: Input Control Panel in the Cortana search bar and press Enter.

Step 2: Next to View by in the top-right corner, click the down arrow and select the Large icon or Small icons. Scroll down then click Mouse.

find mouse in control panel

Step 3: Turn to Pointer Options tab, under Motion section, you can see a slider with Slow in the left while Fast in the right. Select a pointer speed according to your actual.

select a pointer speed

Step 4: Tap on Apply and OK before closing the window.

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