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Windows 10 Narrator Keyboard Shortcuts

The article lists the keyboard shortcuts to help you use Narrator more efficiently and conveniently on Windows 10 computer.

Windows 10 Narrator keyboard shortcuts and their functions:

Ctrl: Stop reading.

Caps Lock+M: Start reading.

Caps Lock+Page Up: Increase voice volume.

Caps Lock+Page Down: Decrease voice volume.

Caps Lock+Plus: Increase voice speed.

Caps Lock+Minus: Decrease voice speed.

Caps Lock+C: Read current date and time.

Caps Lock+D: Read item.

Caps Lock+S: Read item spelled out.

Caps Lock+V: Repeat phrase.

Caps Lock+W: Read window.

Caps Lock+H: Read document.

Caps Lock+Ctrl+U: Read current page.

Caps Lock+U: Read next page.

Caps Lock+Shift+U: Read previous page.

Caps Lock+Ctrl+I: Read current paragraph.

Caps Lock+I: Read next paragraph.

Caps Lock+Shift+I: Read previous paragraph.

Caps Lock+Ctrl+O: Read current line.

Caps Lock+O: Read next line.

Caps Lock+Shift+O: Read previous line.

Caps Lock+Ctrl+P: Read current word.

Caps Lock+P: Read next word.

Caps Lock+Shift+P: Read previous word.

Caps Lock+R: Read all items in containing area.

Caps Lock+Q: Move to last item in containing area.

Caps Lock+Y: Move to beginning of text.

Caps Lock+B: Move to end of text.

Caps Lock+J: Jump to next heading.

Caps Lock+Shift+J: Jump to previous heading.

Caps Lock+K: Jump to next table.

Caps Lock+Shift+K: Jump to previous table.

Caps Lock+L: Jump to next link.

Caps Lock+Shift+L: Jump to previous link.

Caps Lock+F3: Jump to next cell in row.

Caps Lock+Shift+F3: Jump to previous cell in row.

Caps Lock+F4: Jump to next cell in column.

Caps Lock+Shift+F4: Jump to previous cell in column.

Caps Lock+Space: Do primary action.

Caps Lock+Right Arrow: Move to next item.

Caps Lock+Left Arrow: Move to previous item.

Caps Lock+Up/Down Arrow: Change view.

Caps Lock+F1: Show commands list.

Caps Lock+F2: Show commands for current item.

Caps Lock+F12: Toggle character reading.

Caps Lock+Enter: Toggle search mode.

Caps Lock+Num Lock: Toggle mouse mode.

Caps Lock+A: Change verbosity mode.

Caps Lock+Esc: Exit Narrator.

Caps Lock+Z: Lock Narrator key.

Caps Lock+G: Move Narrator cursor to system cursor.

Caps Lock+T: Move Narrator cursor to pointer.

Caps Lock+Backspace: Go back 1 item.

Caps Lock+Insert: Jump to linked item.

Caps Lock+F7: Read current column.

Caps Lock+F8: Read current row.

Caps Lock+F9: Read current column header.

Caps Lock+F10: Read current row header.

Caps Lock+F5: Read which row and column Narrator is in.

Caps Lock+F6: Jump to table cell.

Caps Lock+Shift+F6: Jump to cell contents.

Caps Lock+Ctrl+Left Arrow: Navigate to parent.

Caps Lock+Ctrl+Down Arrow: Navigate to next sibling.

Caps Lock+Ctrl+Up Arrow: Navigate to previous sibling.

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