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Locked Out of Windows 8.1 Laptop Forgot Admin Password

Locked out of Windows 8.1 laptop after Windows login password forgot? How to unlock these Windows 8/8.1 laptop such as Dell/HP/Lenovo/Asus/Acer/Surface laptop without password?

These are two methods that I have used to unlock locked Windows 8.1/8 laptop.

  1. Unlock Windows 8/8.1 laptop by system reinstallation
  2. Unlock Windows 8/8.1 laptop by password reset/remove

Method 1: Unlock Windows 8.1/8 Laptop by System Reinstallation

If there is no important data saved in system drive C:/, Windows system reinstallation is worth trying, because reinstallation only changes data in system drive and you can recreate new login user and password.

1. Boot locked Windows 8.1 laptop from installation CD or DVD.

2. Specify language settings on Windows Setup screen. And click Next.

3. Click Install now on Windows Setup screen to begin reinstalling Windows 8.1 system.

4. Input Windows 8.1 product key and click Next.

5. Accept license terms and choose which type of installation you want to perform.

Example: Install Windows only(Advanced) type in order to perform a clean install of Windows 8/8.1.

6. Choose where you want to install Windows system and click Next.

7. Setup is finished and system reinstallation begins really.

8. Click "Restart now" after reinstallation and go to Settings screen.

9. Choose "Customize" and create Windows 8.1 sign-in account. Then access Windows 8.1 laptop with it.

But if there is, this method is not recommended. You should try another safe method that can unlock locked Windows 8.1 laptop even without password.

Method 2: Unlock Locked Windows 8/8.1 Laptop by Password Reset/Remove

Password reset or remove would just change registry file in Windows 8.1 laptop, so you don't need to worry about safety problem. Then which utility or way can reset or remove Windows 8.1 laptop login password?

At first, we should make sure which kind of account has been used to login Windows 8.1 laptop, local user or Microsoft account. And choose appropriate way to reset or remove its forgotten password.

Windows Password Genius Advanced is advanced version of Windows Password Genius, which is designed to reset Windows 10/8/7/Vista/NT and Windows server 2016/2012/2008/2003/2000 password, and Windows 8 Microsoft account password. And Windows 8.1 is the upgrade version of Windows 8, so the way applied to Windows 8 password reset also applies to Windows 8.1 laptop. Therefore, please follow 2 steps below to unlock locked Windows 8.1 laptop with its help.

Step 1: Create Windows 8.1 password reset disk

1. Install Windows Password Genius Advanced on your accessible computer.

It doesn't matter that what operational system your accessible computer is installed with.

2. Run program and insert bootable USB drive into computer.

Choose "USB device" media type and select the USB flash disk you insert. Then click Begin burning to burn Windows password reset disk into USB device.

create windows 8.1 password reset disk with windows password genius

3. Exit USB device after successfully creating usb password reset disk .

When you see Burning successfully message window pops up, click OK and exit USB device to get ready to remove Windows 8.1 locked laptop password.

Step 2: Remove locked Windows 8.1 laptop password with reset disk

1. Set locked Windows 8.1 laptop boot from USB drive.

Start laptop and press boot key as laptop logo appears in the screen to boot locked laptop from USB drive. And these boot keys are different from different laptops.

For example, Dell/HP/Lenovo/Asus Dell and Lenovo laptop boot key is F12, HP boot key is F9, Asus laptop boot key is ESC. More information turns to how to set computer boot from USB.

2. Remove Windows 8.1 laptop forgotten password.

Windows Password Genius Advanced runs on locked laptop. Select Windows 8.1 system and administrator and click Reset Password button to remove forgotten Windows 8.1 password. Make sure and click "OK", then reboot Windows 8.1 laptop to unlock laptop with the administrator.

reset windows 8.1 laptop forgotten admin password

Tips: Refer to ways that can reset, remove or recover Windows password, unlock locked PC/laptop/tablet, undoutedly Windows Password Genius is a good choice, compared to installation CD, command prompt and system recovery drive. It could work without any requirements on your locked computer.

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