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Windows 8 Best Password Removal Tool for Forgotten Password

When we forget Windows 8 password, we can choose to change, reset or remove forgotten Windows logon password. If you are eager to enter Windows system right now, remove login password with one click in one time will be a better choice. But what is the best software to remove forgotten Windows 8 password?

If you want to remove Windows 8 forgotten or lost local or domain admin account password, Windows Password Genius Advanced is the software worth choosing.

Best Windows 8 password removal tool – Windows Password Genius Advanced

The following passage will talk about why it called the best software to remove Windows 8 forgotten password on effectiveness, security, applicability and ease of use.

1. Effectiveness

The effectiveness is the first demand to choose a password removal tool. Without considering other requirements, it has to remove Windows password effectively at first. And Windows Password Genius certainly meets this requirement.

As is known, password reset disk can reset Windows password. And you could create a password reset disk with Windows Password Genius Advanced, available computer and bootable USB drive or CD/DVD ROM easily, which could be prepared instantly. So there is no problem on whether Windows Password Genius Advanced could remove Windows 8 password.

create a windows 8 password reset disk

2. Security

After we make sure this software can solve Windows password remove problem, what we have to consider next is its security. Whether it would bring virus to computer, or whether it would delete or damage files in computer.

In this case, Windows Password Genius promises that no files would be lost or damaged on computer when or after removing Windows password if you use it. Because it runs in WinPE environment to just load Windows registry files. When you choose user account and click "Reset Password", or click "Add User", all these operations just make some changes in registry file. So you don't need to worry about any data loss or damage on computer, 100% security guaranteed.

windows 8 password removal tool security

3. Applicability

When Windows 8 password has been removed successfully and safely with this software, we would hope to know whether it can be used for other Windows system similarly.

And in fact, besides for Windows 8, Windows Password Genius Advanced is also available for Windows Server 2012/2008/2003/2000 and other Windows client operational system Windows 7/Vista/XP, including almost the operational system. You can see it in image 1.

How does it do this?
In the above introduction, we should have realized that we can use it to create a password reset disk. And this password reset disk could reset forgotten password on all above Windows systems.

4. Simplicity and Easy-to-Use

This feature performs on following aspects because of its user-friendly interface. No technology are needed.

<1> In the process of password reset disk creation, you just need another available computer and bootable USB drive or CD/DVD ROM. Insert USB into computer and run software, just click "Begin Burning" button and password reset disk will be burned into USB drive instantly. Refer to image 1.

<2> In the process of Windows 8 password reset/remove, when you successfully run Windows Password Genius Advanced program in your locked Windows 8 computer, there are only two options you have to choose, Windows system and account. Generally, Windows system is chosen default, so you just have to select one account you want to remove its password. Next, click "Reset Password" is OK. The forgotten account password will be blank.

No matter you are a computer expert or novice, just follow operation wizard and steps, easily reset Windows password with this password removal tool is not impossible.

easy-to-use password removal tool

Except the features introduced above, there are still other attractive ones. For example, if you keep password reset disk in your hand, and it is not damaged, you can use it to remove Windows password all the time for you or your friends. In addistion, you can get professional technology support after you purchase Windows Password Genius Advanced.

Is it really the best software to remove forgotten Windows password? See the guide of Windows Password Genius Advanced and have a try, you will know.

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