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More Ways to Remove Windows Password

Maybe Windows login password doesn't guarantee computer safety totally. But to some extent, it protects Windows system from unallowed access by other people. And it is the easiest way for computer users to keep computer safe. So it is used widely in Windows PC, laptop and tablet. However, unfortunately, computer owners also usually forgot these Windows passwords if they are irregular or complex. That will lead to owners locked out of computer, unless forgotten Windows password is reset or removed.

Don't worry. The following article will offer possible ways that you can try to remove Windows password.

Way 1: Guess Windows Password Based on Password Hint

When Windows password forgot, password hint would appear on Windows logon screen if you have set it for Windows user. So why not try to guess Windows forgotten password at that time based on password hint?

How to guess Windows forgotten password according to password hint?

Password probably has something to do with a loved one’s birthday, a pet’s name, a telephone number, etc. And password hint is intended to show some secret information that only you can see. Hence, according to the relationship between password and information you are familiar with, it would be possible to find Windows lost password. But there is also high possibility that you can’t find it out after wasting several hours. So you can have a try though it's not the best way to remove Windows password after forgot.

To speak of, now only in Windows 7/8/10 computer, can password hint remind you of Windows password.

windows password hint

Way 2: Remove Windows Forgotten Password with Another Administrator

If you still have other admin accounts and password, you can login computer with it and then remove Windows lost password in Control Panel or with Command Prompt.

Step 1: On Windows sign-in screen, change login user and access Windows computer with it.

login windows with another administrator

Step 2: Remove Windows password with administrator.

Remove Windows password in Control Panel (Windows 7):

Remove Windows password with command:

Windows password will be removed if you don't set any new password for that user in command.

Way 3: Remove Windows Forgotten Password by Password Reset with Disk

If you have created a Windows password reset disk previously, password reset with disk would be the easiest and fastest way to remove forgotten Windows password.

Tips: Two ways to create Windows password reset disk

Click "Reset password" link on logon screen after you type wrong password, to come up Password Reset Wizard. Follow password reset wizard, insert usb reset disk into computer and set new password for account whose password forgot. Then you can remove password after accessing Windows computer with this account.

reset disk recover windows password

Way 4: Remove Windows Password by One-Click on Password Genius

If Windows password cannot be removed after you tried above ways, this way would be your best choice to remove Windows password easily and effectively.

Besides the safety and efficiency, iSunshare Windows Password Genius is easy for everyone to remove forgotten Windows local or domain password only with one-click on "Reset Password" button.

What you only have to do first is to burn Windows Password Genius into bootable USB drive or CD/DVD-ROM, so you can boot locked computer from burning device. Then Windows Password Genius can run on locked computer where you can remove Windows password with one click.

remove windows password


Way 5: Clean Install Windows System to Remove All Windows Passwords

Clean install Windows could undoubtedly solve Windows password forgotten problem, but it would also lead to data loss on your computer at the same time. In addition, compared to Windows password recovery software, cleaning your computer would be more complicated. So it is not recommended, unless you have no choice and don't like to try Windows Password Genius.

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