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Four Ways to Enable Command Prompt on Windows 8 Computer

Are you satisfied when you know only one method to enable Command Prompt on your computer? If you are unsatisfied and want to learn more ways, you can refer to this article which illustrates four ways to enable Command Prompt on Windows 8 computer.

Video guide on how to enable Command Prompt on Windows 8:

4 ways to enable Command Prompt on Windows 8 computer:

Way 1: Enable Command Prompt in Apps list.

Step 1: Open the Apps list by right-clicking an icon on the Start menu and selecting All apps on the bottom-right side. In addition, you can also right-click any blank space on the menu.

Step 2: Click Command Prompt in the list to enable it.

Way 2: Enable Command Prompt by Search function.

Step 1: Press WIN key (Windows key) and C key in the meantime to open Charms Menu and choose Search in it.

Step 2: Input command prompt in the empty search box, as the following screen shot shows.

Step 3: Select Command Prompt in the search results.

Way 3: Enable Command Prompt in the Quick Access menu.

Simultaneously press WIN key and X key to open the Quick Access Menu, and then select Command Prompt in it, as exhibited in the screen shot below.

Tips: This method can be applied on the Start menu or the desktop.

Way 4: Use Run command to enable Command Prompt.

Step 1: Click Desktop icon on the Start menu to enter the desktop.

Step 2: Open Run dialogue box by pressing WIN key and R key at the same time, input cmd in the empty run box and tap OK. Please refer to the following picture.

In short, you are able to use any one of the above ways to enable Command Prompt on your Windows 8 computer.

Tips: You may also be interested in How to Prevent Access to Command Prompt.

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