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How to Install Windows 8 on VMware Workstation

As you know, you can run several operating systems at the same time in the VMware Workstation. But the precondition is that different operating systems have already been installed in it. Hence, for your better reference, this article will illustrate how to install Windows 8 on VMware Workstation in detail.

Steps to install Windows 8 on VMware Workstation:

Step 1: Open VMware Workstation on your computer.

You can open it from the Start Menu or by its shortcut icon on the desktop.

Step 2: Click File on the menu bar and select New Virtual Machine in the list.

Step 3: In the New Virtual Machine Wizard window, choose a type of configuration between Typical and Custom. And in this article, Custom is selected for further detailed illustration. After that, click Next.

Step 4: Keep the default setting of hardware compatibility and tap Next.

Step 5: Select Installer disc image file (iso), click Browse to choose the Windows 8 iso file in the computer and then tap Next.

Step 6: Input Windows 8 product key and click Next.

Step 7: Name the virtual machine, click Browse to select a location to place the virtual machine and tap Next.

Step 8: Do not change the setup of processor configuration and tap Next.

Step 9: Set the amount of memory allocated to the Windows 8 virtual machine and click Next.

Step 10: Choose network type from Use bridged networking, Use network address translation (NAT), Use host-only networking and Do not use a network connection, and tap Next.

Step 11: Keep the setting of SCSI controller type and click Next.

Step 12: Select a disk from Create a new virtual disk, Use an existing virtual disk and Use a physical disk (for advanced users). Generally speaking, the first one is chosen. Then tap Next to move on.

Step 13: Choose a disk type from IDE and SCSI. In this example, the disk type of SCSI is selected.

Step 14: Specify the disk size and select Store virtual disk as a single file. Then, tap Next.

Step 15: Click Browse to select a location to save the disk file, or directly tap Next to keep the default setting and continue.

Step 16: Tap Finish button to create the Windows 8 virtual machine on VMware Workstation.

Step 17: Wait for the installation to be completed patiently.

When the seventeen steps are finished one by one, you can successfully install Windows 8 on VMware Workstation in your PC. Moreover, if you would like to install other computer operating systems on VMware Workstation, you can refer to the steps above.

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