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How to Raise and Lower Volume on Windows 8/8.1 Computer

Everyone's sensitivity to the volume of sound is dissimilar, not to mention the sound in computer. Moreover, in different periods of time, the computer sound volume can be adjusted according to the actual demand. Therefore, how can you raise and lower volume on your computer to meet your need? In order to give you a clear illustration, this article will focus on the specific operational method in Windows 8 or 8.1 computers.

Video guide on how to raise and lower volume on Windows 8:

2 methods to raise and lower volume on Windows 8/8.1 computer:

Method 1: Raise and lower volume through the sound icon on taskbar.

On desktop, click the sound icon (speaker) on the right side of taskbar, and then move the sound control scale up or down to raise or lower the volume, as shown in the following screenshot.

Tips: The above way can only be applied to adjust the volume of speaker. If you would like to raise or lower the system sounds volume, you can select Mixer in the small window.

Later, as the window of Volume Mixer-Speakers (High Definition Audio Device) turns up, move the sound control scales under Speakers and System Sounds to realize your goal.

Method 2: Raise and lower volume in Sound settings of Control Panel.

Step 1: Open Control Panel.

Press Windows key+X to open Quick Access Menu and choose Control Panel in the menu.

Step 2: Enter related sound setting.

On the top right of Control Panel, input sound in the empty search box and select Adjust system volume in Sound.

Step 3: Raise or lower volume.

In the Volume Mixer-Speakers window, move the sound control scale under Speakers to decide the sound volume of Speakers and System Sounds. Furthermore, you can move the sound control scale under System Sounds to separately determine its volume.

In conclusion, the first way seems to be most frequently used, while the second one is not commonly applied. Anyway, learning one more method is always not a bad thing.

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