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Windows 8 Shortcuts and Composite Keys

How do you open Charms Menu, My Computer and other applications on your Windows 8 PC? Do you still open them step by step? If so, it is suggested that you should learn Windows 8 shortcuts and composite keys and use them to realize the basic operations. And this article will introduce some of the commonly-used keys to you in the remaining part.

Windows 8 shortcuts and composite keys:

WIN key (also referred to Windows logo key): Switch from Start Menu to Desktop, and switch between Start Menu and the last application in use.

F1: Display Windows Help and Support window.

F2: Rename the selected file, folder, etc.

F3: Open Search Bar on desktop.

F5: Refresh an active window.

F10: Activate the Menu Bar of an active program.

F11: Maximize or restore an active window.

Esc: Cancel the current task.

Delete: Remove the chosen item.

Home: Display the top part of a window.

End: Display the bottom part of a window.

Backspace: Check the previous folder.

WIN key+C: Open Charms Menu.

WIN key+D: Display Desktop.

WIN key+E: Open Computer/ My Computer.

WIN key+F: Enable Search Bar.

WIN key+H: Open Share.

WIN key+I: Open Settings Panel.

WIN key+K: Access Devices.

WIN key+L: Lock computer.

WIN key+M: Minimize all programs.

WIN key+R: Open Run Dialog Box.

WIN key+T: Set the cursor to icon on Task Bar.

WIN key+U: Access Ease of Access Center.

WIN key+X: Open Quick Access Menu.

WIN key+Space: Switch input language.

Ctrl+A: Select all in a document or a window.

Ctrl+C (or Ctrl+Insert): Copy the chosen item.

Ctrl+V (or Shift+Insert): Paste the selected item.

Ctrl+W: Close the current window.

Ctrl+X: Cut the chosen item.

Ctrl+Z: Undo the previous step.

Ctrl+Shift+N: Build a new folder.

Ctrl+Shift+ESC (or Ctrl+Alt+Delete) : Call out Task Manager.

Ctrl+Pause Break: Open System in the Control Panel.

Ctrl+Right Arrow: Set the cursor to the initial part of the next word.

Ctrl+Left Arrow: Set the cursor to the initial part of the previous word.

Ctrl+Up Arrow: Set the cursor to the initial part of the previous paragraph.

Ctrl+Down Arrow: Set the cursor to the initial part of the following paragraph.

Alt+Enter: Display the Properties window of the selected item.

Alt+F4: Open Shut Down window on the desktop, close a document and close an active window or program.

In a word, just bear these shortcuts and composite keys of Windows 8 computer in your mind and you will find yourself work more efficiently.

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