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WinZip Password Remover | Remove WinZip Password If Forgot

My WinZip file password was forgotten, and now I want to remove WinZip password. Is that possible?

This question was asked in a forum which collects lots of problems about WinZip password forgot and WinZip password remove. I think if there is WinZip password remover that could directly remove forgotten WinZip password, it would be the best. However, until now I still cannot get such a utility. At most of time, I try the utility, such as NSIS, to remove zip password but find it doesn’t work successfully at last. This makes me disappointed until I find iSunshare ZIP Password Genius.

iSunshare ZIP Password Genius could not remove zip forgotten password with one click. But it can recover zip password used to open or extract encrypted ZIP/WinZip/7Zip file. Then you can create new zip archive instead of encrypted one after extraction. At this moment, actually you have involuntarily removed zip password after forgot.

Now the key is how to choose appropriate edition to recover your WinZip file password because iSunshare ZIP Password Genius provides two editions, Standard and Professional. If you cannot make a decision now, you could follow their user guide or article below to learn how to remove WinZip password with ZIP Password Genius Professional fast in Local Area Network.

Remove WinZip Password after Forgot WinZip Password

  1. Section 1: Recover WinZip forgotten password with Professional edition
  2. Section 2: Remove forgotten password from WinZip file in WinRAR

Section 1: Recover WinZip forgotten password with Professional edition

Step 1: Run iSunshare ZIP Password Genius Professional trial or full version.

Pay for full version of iSunshare ZIP Password Genius Professional. Then install and run it on your computer where WinZip file saves.

run isunshare zip password remover

Step 2: Create and run iSunshare ZIP Peer in Local Area Network.

2-1 With Make Peer button clicked, you could easily create installation file of iSunshare ZIP Peer. Usually we call it client program run on other PCs in LAN.

make isunshare zip peer installation file

2-2 Move the exe file to other accessible computers in the LAN that could install and run it to recover zip password then. Double-click the exe file to install and run iSunshare ZIP Peer.

install and run isunshare zip peer

Tips: iSunshare ZIP Peer can work like iSunshare ZIP Password Genius Standard to recover zip password. So you can see the recovery speed is related to numbers of computers in LAN that can run iSunshare ZIP Peer.

Step 3: Add WinZip file and set WinZip password recovery parameters.

3-1 On iSunshare ZIP Password Genius Professional, tab on Open button to browse and add WinZip file which password has been forgotten.

3-2 Under Range Options and Length, check the characters ZIP password probably includes and shorten password length as far as possible please.

add winzip file and set winzip password recovery parameters

Tips: The more accurately you can specify password range and length, the less time you would spend to recover WinZip password.

Step 4: Recover WinZip password after forgot in LAN.

Start ZIP Password Genius Professional now, and both iSunshare ZIP Peer and it would begin to check which password could extract or open encrypted WinZip file. If the password is found, it would appear on new pop-up dialog for you.

recover forgotten winzip password successfully

Section 2: Remove password from WinZip file in WinRAR

Step 1: Open WinZip file in WinRAR software. If password is required, just type password recovered in section 1.

Step 2: Select the WinZip file and click Extract To button on toolbar of WinRAR.

choose to extract winzip file after password recovery

Step 3: Confirm destination location and click OK.

confirm winzip file extraction destination path

Step 4: Type WinZip password and click OK to extract encrypted WinZip file to destination location.

enter winzip password to extract winzip file

Step 5: When you get a folder that contains all files compressed in encrypted WinZip file. Delete the WinZip file.

Step 6: Select the folder and add it to new zip archive without password protection.

create new winzip file to remove wizip password successfully

Now as long as you take new WinZip file instead of original one, we can say you have successfully removed WinZip password. Surely you cannot delete encrypted WinZip file and keep WinZip password in safe place. When you need to open or extract WinZip file, you would not have to find or remove WinZip forgotten password any longer.

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