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How to Open Encrypted Zip Files without Password

Whether you think it is difficult to do? Actually, this question about open encrypted zip file can be decomposed into three simple ones on different levels.

Also, if you cannot answer it at one time too, let’s try to answer above three questions one by one together. You will feel it is not so difficult as you ever thought.

Question 1: How to open zip files

In fact, this question is easy for everyone to solve with WinRAR, WinZip and 7-ZIP. All of them could open zip file.

Answer 1: Open zip file with WinRAR

1. In WinRAR, choose zip file location in the drop-down list of address box. Select zip file and click Extract To in toolbar.

open zipped file with winrar

2. Confirm Destination path in Extraction path and options window, and click OK. You would see a new folder comes into being. Undoubtedly, the new folder contents belong to zip archive in the location you choose.

confirm zip extraction path and options in winrar

Answer 2: Open zip file with WinZip

1. In WinZip, click the WinZip button, and choose Open (from PC/Cloud).

open zip file with winzip

2. In Open WinZip File window, browse to the zip file location and select the file. Click "Open" then.

select zipped file to open in winzip

Answer 3: Open zip file with 7-Zip

In 7-Zip, open zip archive is like in WinRAR. Turn to the zip file location in the address box. Select zip archive and click "Extract". And click OK in Extract dialog.

open zip file with 7-zip

Question 2: How to open encrypted zip files

Compared to Question 1, the zipped file is encrypted now. So when you open or extract encrypted zip file, a dialog would probably pop up to ask for zip file password. Now please see how to enter password to open encrypted zip file.

1. In WinRAR, after you click OK in Extraction path and opions, if the zip is encrypted, it would ask for a password. Only you type the correct password, can you sutccessfully extract or open password protected zip file.

2. In WinZip, after you click Open button, if the zip file has been protected with password, a password would be required now to open or decrypt zip files. Otherwise, you cannot open zip archive in WinZip.

open encrypted zip file in winzip

3. In 7-Zip, just need to enter zip password in Password box in 7-Zip Extract window. And then click OK to extract or open zipped file.

open password protected zip file in 7-zip

Question 3: How to open encrypted zip files without password

It seems to be more difficult than Question 2. But from the description in Question 2, we can see that the key to this question is to find encrypted zip file password. As long as you have encrypted zip file password, you will just need to follow operations in Question 2 to open zip file.

So now what you need to do is effectively find encrypted zip file password in short time and do no damage to zip file. If you have no idea, the zip password recovery tool talked in following article, ZIP Password Genius can do that.

Step 1: Install ZIP Password Genius trial or full version on computer.

The version selection depends on your zip password length. For example, when zip file password is less than 3 characters, trial version is enough for you to try free. If not, full version is recommended.

run zip file password finder tool

Step 2: Import encrypted zip file, set password attack type and start to find zip file password.

"Open" button: Once you click it, a window would appear. Browse zip file in computer and select it. Click "Open" at last, and it would be imported into ZIP Password Genius Encrypted File box.

open encrypted zip file in password finder tool

Type of attack: Four password attack types are workable here. In the drop-down list of Type of attack, you can choose attack type you think the most appropriate for effective zip password recovery.

password attack settings for encrypted zip file

"Start" button: It is the last step before starting to find zip password. Once you click it, zip password recovery program begins to work until zip password is found. If it is successful, zip password would pop up. If it is failed, there would be message prompting you too.

find password to open encrypted zipped file

Above zip password recovery tool is called ZIP Password Genius Standard. If you feel your zip archive password is difficult than the example, or you want to recover encrypted zip file password faster, ZIP Password Genius Professional would be a better choice.

Step 3: Open encrypted zip file.

Copy zip password and follow descriptions in Question 2 to open encrypted zip file in WinRAR/WinZIP/7Zip.

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