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How to Encrypt PDF Document through Certificate

As is known, owner and user passwords are usually used to encrypt PDF document. But in fact, besides this, we can find there is another way in Adobe that can make PDF document encrypted. That is certificate. If you have understood how to encrypt PDF file with password and how important PDF encryption is, now […]

How to Remove Digital ID or Digital ID File

If you want to remove digital ID or digital ID files from Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro, the direct way is to uninstall them, and reinstall them and then re-create digital ID and signature. But in fact, even though we don’t uninstall Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro, digital ID or files can be […]

How to Create Digital ID in Adobe Acrobat XI Pro

Why do I need digital ID? We don’t need a digital ID for most of the work you do in PDFs. For example, we don’t need a digital ID to create PDF, comment on them or edit them. But we need a digital ID to sign a document or encrypt PDFs through a certificate. If […]

How to Remove or Delete Digital Signature from PDF Document

Not only permissions password can restrict editing on PDF document, but also digital signature would make signed PDF document not editable. But if I want to edit PDF document after it is signed with digital ID, how can I do to remove edit restrictions from signed PDF document? Following passage will show you how to […]

Why Cannot Print PDF Files Successfully on Windows 7 Computer

Problem: I have an HP Laserjet 1300N/Adobe PDF printer and a Windows 7 desktop PC. I just have printed Word documents fine, but when I try to print PDFs, nothing happens. What could be the reason? How can I print PDF file successfully? Reason 1: There are always errors when we try to print Word […]

How to Save and Print a Web Page to PDF in Chrome/Firefox/IE

When you find a web page is valuable on Internet, maybe you would want to save or even print it. But as we know, web page is saved as HTML or text generally and printed directly when you click “Print” button. Compared to PDF, it will not be so easier to use or transfer. So PDF […]

How to Sign a PDF File or Add Signature to PDF Document in Adobe Acrobat

Signature to PDF file explains its ownership to some extent. And solve the problem about PDF file’s belonger at the same time. Especially for important PDF file, it seems to be necessary. So how can I digitally sign your PDF file  or add signature to PDF document in Adobe Acrobat Pro? The following passage will […]

How to Reduce PDF File Size Online and Offline

Why we have to reduce PDF file size? Save hard disk storage space. Read and write PDF file fast. Transfer and get PDF file easily. How to reduce PDF file size? Now the following will give you some ways to make PDF file size smaller no matter you are online or offline. Part 1: Reduce […]

How to Edit PDF Document in Word 2013 and Adobe Acrobat

I think PDF document is familiar to most of us. It is a document format that can be viewed on nearly any devices and operational systems. But sometimes, we have to edit it to make PDF file like what we want. What we can use and how to edit PDF document? See following introduction about […]

Top 3 Ways to Create PDF File Effectively on Windows Computer

How does PDF file come from? How can we create PDF file? Following top three ways will tell you how to create PDF file from multiple files. Way 1: Create a New PDF File in Adobe Acrobat XI Professional. Way 2: Create a PDF File in Word/Excel/PowerPoint Edit window with “Create PDF” option. Way 3: […]

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