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How to Remove Lost Windows 8 Password for UEFI-Based Samsung Laptop

Forgot Windows 8 password and locked out of Samsung laptop because no other login user available for Samsung logon? So how can we reset Windows 8 lost user password for UEFI-based Samsung laptop? Especially while Samsung laptop has been re-installed with Windows 8, traditional PC BIOS has been replaced with UEFI, Samsung computer cannot boot […]

How to Reset Forgotten Windows 8 Password on HP Laptop with UEFI BIOS

How can I do if HP laptop password forgot and no user account can be used to login this laptop pre-installed in UEFI boot mode? And it is running Windows 8 64-bit operational system. While this problem occurs, we should confirm that if it is really pre-installed in UEFI boot mode and what kind of […]

Lost Windows 8 Administrator Password on UEFI-Based Asus Computer

Lost Windows 8 administrator password and cannot login Asus computer? Is there any way that can reset lost Windows 8 admin password without Asus PC factory reset? Now this article will tell you how to choose one effective and safe way for UEFI-based Asus Windows 8 password reset, even though there have been lots of […]

Forgot Admin Password for ThinkPad Laptop with Windows 8 Pre-installed in UEFI Boot Mode

Forgot admin password for ThinkPad laptop logon, which is pre-installed with Windows 8 and UEFI boot mode? This article will guide you to reset forgotten Windows 8 admin password with Windows Password Genius for ThinkPad laptop with UEFI BIOS. If you have learned Windows Password Genius, you would know only the Advanced version could create […]

How to Reset Windows 8/8.1 Lost Password on UEFI-Based Surface PC Tablet

While Windows 8/8.1 password lost on UEFI-based Surface PC tablet, how can you reset lost password easily like on BIOS/MBR computer? Windows Password Genius would help you. Four versions have been designed to reset different kinds of operational system password. Now if you want to reset Windows 8 password for UEFI-based PC or laptop, Windows […]

How to Recover Lost Access to a SQL Server Instance

Cannot access SQL Server instance? How can you connect to SQL Server instance after lost access to it? First, you have to clarify why you lost access to SQL Server instance. Second, take appropriate measures to fix problem which lead to losing SQL Server instance access privileges. In this passage, probably we cannot list all […]

How to Unlock SQL Server 2014 Database after SA Password Forgot

After SA password forgot, how can you unlock SQL Server 2014 database or connect to SQL Server database? If Windows Authentication and SQL Server Authentication mode are enabled in SQL Server 2014 database, now you can run SQL Server 2014, and choose Windows Authentication mode to connect to database. So that we can see unlock […]

How to Insert Word Document into PowerPoint Presentation

When we are editing a PowerPoint presentation, probably some contents in Word document need to be imported into presentation. If we directly copy content from word document and then paste them in presentation, probably lots of time will be wasted. But suppose we can directly insert Word document into presentation, it would save most of […]

How to Merge Multiple Word Documents in Word 2007/2010

Do you want to merge multiple Word documents with different formats into one? If you really need to combine different kinds of Word documents, the merger of Word documents into one might be required sometimes. Surely, you can copy and paste the content directly when the word document is not large. But with the “Insert” […]

How to Convert PDF File to a Word Document Online

How can I convert PDF file to editable Word document? If you have no better method, follow this article. The article introduces two methods used usually to convert PDF files to another file format, including Microsoft Word. Method 1: Convert PDF to Word Document with Adobe for Charge Method 2: Convert PDF to Word Document […]

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