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How to Unlock Password Protected Outlook PST File

"My Outlook PST file is encrypted with password. Because of password, PST file is protected safely all the time. But also because of password, PST file is locked now after password lost."

However, there is still so much important data and information saved in locked PST file. How can I unlock password protected PST file to open and use them?

Now you could find an effective password recovery way. For example, when you search "outlook password recovery", you could see there are several ways to recover Outlook password. But probably most of them are password recovery tools. Which one is better? I think just only after check, can you see.

If you have decided to unlock outlook pst file with recovery tool, Outlook Password Genius is worth recommend.

Now go to see how Outlook Password Genius unlock password protected Outlook PST file.

Step 1: Search "Outlook Password Genius" and get it on your computer. Double-click it to install easily without any settings.

Step 2: Run Outlook Password Genius and import locked PST file, by clicking Open button to browse on your computer and choose it.

import password protected outlook pst file

Step 3: When you see it appearing in Encrypted File, select a powerful password attack type for it.

In drop-down list of Type of attack, four password attack types are provided. Choose one and make detailed settings for it.

set password attack type for locked pst file

Brute-force: set password length and range, it could reset all kinds of outlook password.
Mask: set "Mask", it works when you remember a part of forgotten Outlook password.
Dictionary: set "dictionary path" or let it be default. And it is not necessary to set anything for Smart.

Refer to: Brute-force/Mask/Dictionary Password Recovery Attack Settings

After set up, click Start button to recover PST file password. About few seconds later, in following pop-up window, PST file password is recovered. Copy it to open locked PST file. Then your password protected PST file would be unlocked.

unlock password protected pst file

Note: Besides Outlook Password Genius, there is another recovery tool, Office Password Genius Standard working for unlocking Outlook PST file.

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